Accountability partner for N2 exam

Hey guys!

Looking for an accountability partner for taking the JLPT N2 exam this summer. Wanting to stay on track and have someone to hold me accountable because I tend to get lazy if I’m doing it by myself :sweat_smile:

In return, I will be your accountability partner and would also love to have Japanese conversations and offer any advice and support I can give :blush:

I think we’ll have to take the exam in Japan (if the borders have been open by then for Americans…)
But I still want to have the goal of getting ready for the exam by then.

I use the Shin-kanzen master books to study so it might help if you have the same program, but the main thing I am looking for is someone dedicated and who has a good attitude!! :grin:


:wave: I’m not sure if I’ll be taking it (depends on COVID, and whether I feel like cracking open a textbook) maybe we could have a dedicated JLPT N2/N1 thread?


I’m planning on taking the JLPT N1 test the coming summer if it’s just possible. Not sure how how this accountability partner thing would work in practice, but if you’re fine with someone not studying for the N2 specifically I would be glad to contribute :blush:


Hey :slight_smile: That’s a very good move, asking for an accountability partner. I feel like I should get cracking on N2 grammar at some point as well, but I will probably start around June or so… as I am currently preparing for Kanken (which I want to sit in June), and that takes all of my time :flushed:


@Eddiiz Yeah that would be awesome!! Maybe just checking in weekly to make sure we have been sticking to our study plans. This was mentioned by @EmmaGoto , but maybe I could start a thread for JLPT N2/N1 Study Partners and people can post as they please or when they hit their own milestones! :slight_smile:


I also plan to take N2 in summer and perhaps N1 in winter.

was actually going to take N2 last December and was quite ready but skipped it because of corona. I am starting to study N1 grammar this month. Although I bet grammar is not the most challenging aspect of N1.


Ok guys, I made a dedicated thread!! Its just general JLPT exam accountability partners so anyone can join

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