Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits

Like others have stated, I’d love to see an update to this. It was one of my core learning userscripts that I found very valuable. I can make do without most userscripts, but this one was quite essential to me!


I’ve created a quick new version of the script which (seemingly) works with the new UI:


Thank you, sir!! Much appreciated!

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Awesome–I’ve been running without this for a while and just today decided to check if there was anyone else who had something that worked. Thank you!

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Sorry for being late on this. Submitted my dissertation and finally had the time to work on fixing the script. Many thanks to @rogerxiii who provided a quick fix in the meantime!

Jitai v3

I decided to completely rewrite the entire script.
Jitai is probably my most favorite script, so it’s sad to see that it is not anymore maintained by the original creator. Even before the recent WK update it wasn’t bug-free, and adding/removing fonts was ugly. You had to edit the script, but then you couldn’t receive updates anymore. So I wanted to work on something that makes it able to enable/disable fonts during reviews.


  • (New) Webfonts
    Webfonts are now available, so you don’t have to install every font on your PC. If you already have the webfont on your PC, then it will prefer the installed font.
    (The original script broke completely on Safari because of an update that prevents using local fonts. Likely other browsers will follow, see here why. Jitai v3 gets around this issue by introducing webfonts.)

  • (New) Settings Panel
    Fonts can now be enabled / disabled during review. It will only show you webfonts and local fonts available on your PC, so its appearance will slightly change based on what browser you use and what OS. @TreyE requested this.

  • (New) Force a new random font with shortcut CTRL+J during review.

  • Bugfix: Works now with DoubleCheckScript.
    Previously there was a font bug when you retyped an answer, and then the hovering effect kept being inverted.

Important: If you do your reviews with Jitai v3 for the first time, please click on the gear icon in the top left, then Settings -> Jitai and first enable the fonts you want to use!

Other notes

I tested it on latest Safari and Firefox. This is my first time writing a user script (even first time learning Javascript), so please be kind on me :nerd_face: If there’s any bug, let me know o that we can work on a fix :+1:t2:

The main reason I worked on it was also to upload it on GitHub to make it Community-driven. That way I hope it is more likely to be updated, even if I finish WaniKani one day. That doesn’t mean I don’t intend to update it over time (still want to find a way to make ArmedBanana font work in Safari), but I probably won’t be able to work on everything immediately since I also need to focus on other work :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, you can already contribute on GitHub and add fonts you like (that’s after all the main thing what’s running Jitai!). I may write a proper guide on that sometime, but you are also free to make requests here.

~ ~ > Download here < ~ ~

~ ~ > Jitai on Github < ~ ~


Thank you so much for doing this! This is awesome!


What a coincidence this is released the day I start WaniKani. Awesome script, will be testing it soon :smiley:


:rocket: Released V3.1


(New) Font Frequency.
If there are fonts that you want to see more often during review, go into the settings panel and adjust the Font Frequency value.

8 new fonts (7 webfonts + 1 local font)

Just want to check in and say, awesome script! It works very well and not having to download fonts manually is an amazing feature :smiley:

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Really want to use this but it just doesn’t seem to want to work for some reason. I’m using Safari on my iMac and I’ve disabled all other userscripts incase something else is interfering with it. Tried V3 & 3.1.


Hello @deansama, sorry to hear that!

Have you checked this note in the original post?

Please also make sure you have the latest WKOF installed!

If this doesn’t resolve your problem, please make a screenshot of your Safari developer console.
It opens if you press OPTION+CMD+C at the same time inside Safari.


@Mods this is a feature that should be native.

— Dave

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Oh btw, this is my first time asking this, but going from hereon I would like to tag updates+changelogs in the original post. So when people directly open the thread they don’t have to look for this update and instructions :smiley:

Is there any way for me to get control over the first post?

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Thanks for the response. All working perfectly now.

Oh my goodness … not sure if I’ll regret this! What on earth are these scribblings? :sweat_smile: :joy:

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Glad it’s working now :slight_smile:
Some are quite hard, but you’ll see soon that you get used to them fairly quickly.

I am currently working on an update that includes even harder fonts - especially more brush fonts that we currently don’t have yet many of. I noticed that I got fairly good at reading the ArmedBanana font and a few others, but I still struggle with some I encounter in daily life in Tokyo. In the end, I want to be able to read inscriptions at temples and old documents like these:

Though, I am wondering how attainable this will even be… Looks quite intimidating


Been trialling it out and I truly believe this should be incorporated into WaniKani as standard, such a great user script. ArmedBanana is completely indecipherable right now but hopefully I’ll get used to it.

I remember back in January when I was in Japan I sometimes struggled to recognise Kanji which I had learned from WaniKani because the fonts were so different or they were handwritten on a board, so this is going to help a lot.

Would be amazing to read those inscriptions! What an excellent goal to have and great motivation!



I’m trying to use this to replace the old Jitai since it doesnt work with the updated URL for reviews. I have it installed on Tampermonkey and have the suggested fonts in a folder in my Downloads but the script doesnt seem to be working, even though Tampermonkey says that it is active on the reviews page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @knochj !
Have you turned on the fonts that you want to use in the settings panel?

See explanation here:

Is script menu not showing completely a known bug (of wkof)?

Anyway, I tried to fix with .quiz-input { z-index: -1; }, but that also make Your Response not selectable.

I believe UserScripts from Github don’t auto-update to the latest version, but see that it would be easy to fork and add fonts. Some pixelated fonts and seal scripts might be nice.

It looks like a new bug of WKOF, which Jitai uses. (See here and here)
EDIT: I just noticed that this only applies to Lessons, and not Reviews. Can you tell me what browser and OS your are using so that the settings menu doesn’t appear?

tbh the auto-update (TamperMonkey, Safari) never worked for me for any script. But if I click on “Check for userscript updates” in Tampermonkey then it fetches all new updates of all scripts, even from GitHub.