[Jisho] "common word"s

I’m curious as to what the “common word” tag on Jisho means.
Apparently even some very strage words (such as 沖縄開発庁長官) are marked as a common word on Jisho.

What is the definition of a common word on Jisho?
Are they just from a list of commonly used words?
Are other words necessarily weird/unnatural and I shouldn’t use them?
How “common” is “common”?


This was pointed out 6 six years ago on Jisho’s own forum. It’s obviously not a common word. Websites contain mistakes.


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Maybe the director of Okinawa was in the news a lot around the time of Jisho going up, and so data collecting bots saw it a lot all over Japanese sites or something?

Thanks, it is probably a mistake. The other word mentioned in the forum has been fied by now.

But my question still stands: How “common” is “common” exactly?

WaniKani is based on Jisho which is based on Jim Breen’s dictionary which says common means “the word appears in various references which can be taken as an indication of the frequency with which the word is used. […] It must be seen as only providing a crude indication of how common a word or expression actually is. […] There are clearly some marked entries which are not very common and unmarked entries which are common, particularly in the spoken language.”
[link at the end of that jisho forum page]

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