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Hi all, just wanted to ask if any of you also watch JapaNews on Youtube? I find it pretty handy to see some of the WK Kanji learned ‘in action’ :smile: Committed to 15mins every evening (doesn’t feel like a lot, but will bring me up to more than 91 hours in a year).

The link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu2etwHzcvw

みんなさん、がんばってね! (<-- leaving this here so I can see I made a mistake, but here’s the correct version: みなさん、頑張ってね!


I also use this channel as practice about twice a week :blush::sparkles:~
There are some transcripts of their videos available online – I find it super useful in case I can’t understand a sentence because some syllables were muffled.

Another really good resource I use for listening is this one: NHK ラジオニュース
(you can also download the podcasts, which is super practical and make them slower if needed)


I know I’ve probably corrected people many times about this, but it’s みなさん or just みんな, you can’t use みんなさん. みんな is casual and so you can’t use that with an honorific.


I mentioned that a long time ago when I was new on the forums and a bunch of people jumped down my throat saying みんなさん was okay. I’m guessing it’s possible to find instances of it, but Japanese people I’ve talked to agree that they don’t hear it.


@RysingDragon, thank you for correcting me! This is actually really helpful. I do see why it wouldn’t make sense. It’s on mistakes that we grow :slight_smile:

Just found this old thread: https://community.wanikani.com/t/mina-or-minna/8498
It’s just been past 6am here, and I’ve already learned something really useful :sweat_smile:

Love the radio! Something I can listen to on the side! Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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I also like to use this just to keep up to date what’s going on in Japan! Very useful :slight_smile:

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Looks like JapaNews first moved to another URI, and now stopped completely :frowning: where am I going to get my Japanese language news fix? :scream: :disappointed:
Let me know if this: 【1/8 移転しました】JapaNews24 ~ 海外へ日本のニュースをLIVE配信 - YouTube still works for you…

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It works again!
【1/22 移転しました】JapaNews24 ~ 海外へ日本のニュースをLIVE配信 - YouTube


Aww yess!!! Great news! Thanks! :smile:

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