Best YouTube Channels for Passive Listening

Hi guys. I’m loving WaniKani. I’m also trying to get on the AJATT boat a little more. I’m looking for some suggestions for YouTube channels for people trying to practice listening to Japanese. If you have a channel you like, please post a link to it here, a sentence about what the channel is, and just take a ballpark Wanikani level guess.

Audiobook channels would get serious bonus points in my book.


I usually put Japanews24 on in the background when I’m cooking:

I also like Sambonjuku (mostly grammar) but has some other content:

Kinda hard since it’s spoken rather than read, although Sambonjuku does have Japanese subs. But it’s general content so honestly even at 60 you’ll run across a kanji you may not know.


For N5/N4 audiobooks, I really like しのせんせい’s channel :
Hope you’ll have fun :slight_smile:

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I saw the thumbnail
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 15.55.13
and was like, “Oh, that’s pleasant! Weather news!” and clicked on the video to reveal “COUP IN MYANMAR!”


This guy does short sorts of stories, almost like diary entries, but often on specific topics, like school uniforms, his sister’s love triangle, etc. You can purely listen for good input or he has visuals on screen to help explain words. He also adds subs in Japanese, English, and other languages.


When I just want to listen, I usually listen to :

But when I also want to try to read along, i go to :

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Doh! lol

Actually, one of the drawbacks of Japanews for listening practice is the long stretches of just weather info on the screen with just background music.

Another channel like it is WeatherNews:

The Forsythe family is fun to watch as well, although I think they lived in Hiroshima or Oosaka so it’s not all Tokyo dialect:

For a fascinating breakdown of Japanese grammar in Japanese:

And, this one, once a day or when you need a pick-me-up: