I could use a bit of help here


I wanted to say “There are four stories in this movie”. I was wondering, which counter should I use, and how am I gonna write the sentence?

Is it 話, by the way?


話 is correct. So the first story would be 第一話 and so on.

この映画の中で四話がある。Is how I would write it.

another way to write it may be この映画は四話を含んでいる。

I couldn’t tell you which one would sound more “natural” than the other, but both should get the point across.

Thank you very much :balloon: :star_struck:

By the way, you should always say みなさん instead of みんなさん 'cause that’s not a thing. :slight_smile:

This is not correct. みんなさん and みなさん both work.

It is a thing, just a very uncommon thing.

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I’m not sure about that @Nedeli , I think both work… But again 猿も木から落ちる。:monkey:

みな is technically what you use when you add さん, but みんなさん is not incorrect. I have seen it used.

みんな alone also works too.

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