Japanesepod101 learning methods

I’ve just signed up for a Premium membership to allow me to have another resource to utilise alongside wanikani and Genki. What lesson courses would you recommend to begin with for someone is only just starting to look into grammar and creating sentences? Also how do you best utilise the site? Do you put every word from every lesson you go over in the word bank or just the ones you aren’t sure on? Do they all automatically go in there anyway when you complete a lesson or series? 

Any advice would be great.

It’s good you asked, because the quality of the series vary WILDLY. Many people complain that “beginner 1” (which is the first one they ever made) is disorganized and inconsistent. And many people give up after trying it, which is a shame because jpod101 is one of the absolute best resources out there.

Here’s a great guide to which series are the best and a recommended path.

Moderator’s Note 12/23/2021: We had to remove the links here since it seemed to now go to a suspicious Chrome extension! Please check the reply here for the updated links!

Also my personal tip is make use of the line by line audio feature (you can use it on desktop or mobile). It will greatly improve your listening comprehension.

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I know I do not make the most I could from JapanesePod, but I only use it to listen to their lessons. I try to do one per day, with a day in a week when I listen to them again. If you have more time than me, I would recommend to work on the japanese dialogs, only by ear to begin, and then by reading the pdf. I found them to have a lot of useful expressions.

Thanks. I will check out those Web pages. Can you download the mobile app from the website or is it just from Google play store?

I do two or more lessons a day and then add the dialogs to a playlist and spend a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour a day actively listening to the dialogs from previous lessons. I then passively listen to those dialogues for two hours a day and during the weekend I read the pdfs of the lessons I did this week and the lessons from 4 weeks ago. I only spend about 5 minutes per PDF.

Doing all these I have seen a massive increase in not only my listening ability but my vocabulary comprehension. Reviews in Anki and here in wanikani are easier and grammar is becoming more natural due to constant and we’ll timed exposure.

Hope this helps!

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So far I find japanesepod101 one of the best resources as well. It’s in my top 6 list. (And I’ve tried out quite a lot of resources lately). Gotta say I haven’t tried out enough either…Yet. I’m pretty new to their site.

If I’m not mistaken they have a ‘particles’ course in the absolute beginner section (just checked: https://www.japanesepod101.com/learning-paths/japanese-particles-explained/)
That could be helpful, although I’ve only tried a a few of these lessons, so I’m not sure how helpful it is if you have a lot of grammatical knowledge. The pdf’s could also be helpful.
Other than that these might be interesting to check (haven’t checked them myself yet, but they seem related to grammar):
= counters
= sentence structures

About the app:http://www.japanesepod101.com/apps/
You can download via Itunes, Google play & Amazon. Haven’t tried Itunes or Amazon though.


The links cited here no longer point to Nihongonobaka (which is an AWESOME resource, but has moved). The current links point to a chrome extension that is likely malware. Click at your own risk!!

Here are the updated links for the Nihongobaka website and JapanesePod101 resources:

Hope this helps some of our other wanikani family members!


Ironically, I followed the link to this post and then clicked the first link I saw which then lead me to said malware website

Dang! Hope you didn’t install it.
The Tofugu team removed the links, being the amazing service-oriented people that they are.


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