Best way to utilize JapanesePod101

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I have always been a “kind of fan” of JapanesePod101 (except for their spammy emails!), but somehow never really figured out how to best use it in a structured way as there are too many resources. I would love to hear anyone’s experience in how to integrate JPod101 into a proper study routine. Cheers!


Hmm, crickets. From what I can tell, I don’t think JapanesePod101 is very popular on these forums.

I was waiting to hear what someone else would have to say because I don’t really have a ….

That being said, I myself like it because I can listen while I’m cleaning/doing chores/walking/driving/eating. Since each episode is fairly short and to the point, I find it doesn’t take an incredible amount of brain power to “get through it”. I basically let it fit into my daily routine whenever I can’t really sit down and study or put in the effort that is required by reading.

That amounts to an episode or two while getting ready and going to work, then maybe one at night. I tend to repeat episodes as well as dialogues several times, trying to “understand in Japanese” instead of translating in my head. I’m hoping in the end this all helps with my listening ability.

I have been using the curated lesson plans. I started with the Beginner series which had a cute connecting story through all 100 episodes. I found myself being eager to find out what happened next. The Intermediate series does not seem to have that same kind of overarching story which is kind of a bummer. At least the voice acting and the dialogue are entertaining.

If you’re into writing, there is a way to connect it back to Wanikani. Every lesson so far seems to list a handful of vocabulary that was used in the dialogue. The majority of those vocab I learned here on Wanikani. They start off by saying the English word and then pause a bit for you to recall the Japanese equivalent. I have been using this occasion as a kind of “Kaniwani” practice as well as practice recalling and writing kanji/jukugo from an English prompt.

How have you personally been using the app?

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Thank you so much :blush: I have been using it on and off for several years now, but I found it difficult to use consistently as it felt too many choices. Also I always followed WaniKani consistently + following a Japanese course, then the curated plans did not always match what I was learning in the courses. But maybe I should just do as you do and use it as a kind of consistent listening practice and repeat the Dialogs :heart:

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