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I hear the content on JapanesePod is great, but the organization is not so good… and I agree completely with this. Wanikani - thanks team! - is awesome because I log in, and instantly know where to start studying. With JapanesePod I’m not really clear which podcasts are actually worth listening to (as I know there is a lot of overlap between them) or what order they are worth going through in. I saw some blog a few months back with a curated order, but I can’t find it again and have no idea if the advice is out of date.

On that note, if there is a way to practice listening to Japanese that has a bit more of that “wanikani” feel, I’d be very interested in hearing about it. AFAIK, JapanesePod is currently the best in this area, despite the chaoticness of the content, and their overly saturated marketing.

I think you were referring to this?


Have you looked at their lesson paths on their app or website? They put their lessons into a more logical order, just put the lesson path into your learning path. Once you have done that, the dashboard shows you what’s the next lesson you should take.

When I last used JPod101, the content was heavily canted toward listening to lessons and didn’t offer much with respect to doing exercises. I’m not sure if it is still that way, but I would say it is not the one stop resource they claim it to be. Unfortunately there wasn’t much guidance on how to practice the content. At the time I went through all their lessons, I thought I’d be able to listen and just magically speak. Unfortunately it only resulted in being able to listen well, which is a good skill to have, but it isn’t the only skill you’ll want.

I’d recommend supplementing with something such as a textbook, or possibly taking the lesson material and creating your own sentences with the lesson material and posting it to Lang8. Even better yet, find a speaking partner to practice it with.

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I’m still in the Beginner levels, but they are starting to ask me what I’d say and giving me time to say it out loud. Not a lot, but I heard somewhere they do this more later? Maybe someone further along could clarify this.

Also, they have a voice recorder so you can record your voice after listening to the native dialogue. It’s pretty helpful. This is my biggest weakness though, I should use this more!

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