Jpnesepod101 still work in 2020?

Should I use jppod101 in 2020
The site baka dead along with their jppod101 route
Anyone know any route and guide to use this ???


I can’t answer your first question, but you can find the nihongonobaka recommended route here: JapanesePod101 | Nihongo No Baka
I used to love jpod101 and that route worked perfectly for me!


How’s ur progress in that route?
10 lessons/ day is good?

I believe I was part way through the Lower Intermediate seasons when I decided not to continue my subscription. All of the stuff I listened to from the nihongonobaka route was useful, I wouldn’t have skipped any of it.

I don’t remember how many I would listen to in a day, but definitely way less than 10! In my opinion, it’s important to supplement jpod101 with other grammar study (perhaps bunpro, if you haven’t tried that yet) as it’s hard to really retain grammar points just via listening. Or you might just get straight into reading instead. What I guess I’m saying is, if you only do WK and jpod101 you might find your progress is pretty slow.

Good luck!
yes I used bunpro, this is my study blog

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