Japanese Youtuber recommendation

Hi, if you want listening practice I would recommend watching videos by はじめしゃちょー

His videos are great because
-entertaining content
-casual speech
-plenty of kanji, so you can practice reading and still get the gist even if your listening skills aren’t so good (me)
-almost daily uploads
-native speed
-some of his more popular videos have English captions added if you want them (I personally don’t use them)

I don’t understand every word, but I can still get the basic meaning of what he is saying which feels great!


Sounds good! Would you be able to provide a link?

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I personally don’t find はじめしゃちょー 's videos that funny, but I agree they’re good listening practice.

Here’s my favourite japanese youtubers:
PDRsan (Easy to understand and funny)
Dogen(Advanced Japanese but has English Subtitles)
KizunaAi (She’s an AI)


If you like video games I highly recommend マル秘ゲーム


I will take the chance to also recommend a couple of channels that I watch.

Let’s Players: (I find that ‘people playing video games’ are quite fun to watch and easy to understand)

Virtual Youtubers:

Manga/Light Novels/Merch/etc:

There’s more than I watch, but I guess that I will leave it here. These are the ones that I watch the most curently. Though it changes quite a lot tbh


@Radish8 here, it seems to be this one https://www.youtube.com/user/0214mex

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Oooh we recommending YTbers? I gotta shout out ペイント :smiley:

Hilarious let’s plays of various games. I can’t catch everything, but of what I do, it’s great!

I’ll def check ya’lls out though, I’ve been looking for more :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching レトルト.

He does Let’s Plays and the games have Japanese subtitles.

He speaks faster than anyone I have ever heard! :sweat_smile: I honestly don’t think I understand even half of what he says but the written Japanese on screen does help.

I like 赤髪のとも It’s basically a group of people playing games most of the time, and sometimes he does some cooking recipies. He also has a video game channel, which I don’t find as entertaining but I did like the pokemon videos, since he reads everything.

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I really like すしらめんりく https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljYHFazflmGaDr5Lo90KmA

He builds tons of cool gadgets just for fun to see what would happen. He’s really entertaining even if you don’t understand a word

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セナ is a pretty cool let’s player.

He mostly does Zelda videos, but also plays other games like Kingdom Hearts, Nier, Undertale, even horror games sometimes.


That’s funny, I was also about to recommend him. I’ve been watching his Kingdom Hearts series lately.

Runabou is a female let’s player who has the sweetest, most calming voice of any youtuber I have ever come across. I’m sure she’ll be a hit amongst people here. She speaks very clearly and her videos are all very good quality, so her stuff makes for good listening practice too.
るな坊 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqMsho5ksvZuSgonTFrSIQ


I like what I’ve seen, and it’s a relief for those like me who find no joy in watching other people play video games.

@MarcusLT do you have more recommendations? I watched a bit of one of her videos and I do enjoy them, but they are way too long T^T

you don’t have to recommend similar channels to hers, just something that you enjoy. It’s also okay you don’t have any other to recommend. I’m just curious since I enjoyed the one that you recommended and wanted to see if you know more.
…and yes, she has the most calming voice ever u.u

Yes, her videos, especially those of late, can be quite long. I believe she has some relatively shorter videos as well- those are around the half hour mark, which is still pretty long I suppose.

Check out Roa: https://www.youtube.com/user/roabbit/featured

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I mean, I still watch long videos xD Though, the majority of the time I’m not the biggest fan.

Thank you, I will check it out later today. Ony my favorite things as of late is just watch a couple of videos on my phone right before going to sleep.

This recommendation is going to be…a little strange, but hear me out!!

I enjoy watching Yuka Kinoshita (https://www.youtube.com/user/kinoyuu0204).

She has some condition (which I can’t remember specifically is called or what it technically is) which allows her to eat ENOURMOUS portions. I’m not kidding on the huge part.

But it’s fun to listen to her Japanese because she speaks pretty colloquially and she’s also just so cute. But also the watching her eat all that food is just amazing.

I don’t always catch everything, and there aren’t English subs on all her videos, but she does use a lot of phrases often enough that you can usually fill in what she means! So, if you ever want something WAY different, I recommend her.


The DIY guy!

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Cant believe no one has mentioned ヒカキンtv. This guy has a lot of content and also I don’t get how every one of his thousands of videos has millions of views. Japan loves this guy. Plus dub-step beatboxing (???).