Japanese subs for .mkv Animes

I’m watching some anime from animeout and wanted to add Japanese subtitles for my studies.
Is there a decent site to get subs from.
And how can I add them to the video?

  • http://kitsunekko.net/
    remains my biggest resource for anime subs

  • http://www.nihongonobaka.com/
    The method for ripping subs from Netflix it’s a great resource for animes as well, more and more in my local Netflix, but specially in Japanese Netflix. If you mix this method with something like FlixGrab, you get the video and the subs that are made for that video. So no sync hassle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


do you know how I can add them to my videos?
sorry for asking

I would use VLC and just click the subtitle option at the top. From there, you can add your own subtitle file, which is the thing youre downloading.

Just make sure that the mkv file doesnt already have the subs built into it. If so, the two will overlap.

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thank you for uploading the pictures.
what anime is that btw :grin:
I like the art style :+1:t5:


On top of that, if the beginning of the name of the subtitles file is the same as the video file name, VLC will automatically use the subtitles file.


If you want to add them to the mkv file permanently, you can use mkvtoolnix.

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@seanblue @Powerpuncher @plantron

thanks alot guys. :smile:



I had heard of this as well, but for some reason it didnt work with some videos that already had a subtitles file, like the one I used in the example. Not sure if I did something wrong or if it just requires you to manually change it for those.

EDIT: Just tried again on my laptop and it worked. Maybe I just did something wrong the first time

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quick update :
unfortunately I wasn’t lucky. I went step by step using this guide
I tried adding the subtitles but VLC wouldn’t show them in the folder I put them in.
After that I tried changing the file name to
.srt. Now I could see the files in VLC but the video wouldn’t play properly . It would play for some seconds and then stopped.
I saw Ich glimpse of Japanese subs though :sweat_smile:

still I don’t know what to do next.
if anyone has an idea, I would be really glad for any advice you can share.

What was the original file type you were trying to use?

it was .sup

Try and find one that comes as one of these file types. .sup isnt supported.

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do you maybe know a website that has these type of files?


Is what I use

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yeah I also used that site. unfortunately the files have an .sup format.
Maybe I can look for an converter or something


I searched for some time and found this site .
it let’s you convert sup into srt files.
I tried it with the Dragon Maid subs but sometimes it wouldn’t show any subtitles and sometimes just English subs are showing. At first it showed Japanese subs once but not anymore.
After that I tried it with one piece.
I downloaded the mkv and subtitle file (this time it already was an srt file) but it wasn’t in sync and sometimes it wasn’t formatted right.
I really don’t know if I’m just unlucky or if it’s another reason but I’m a little frustrated with that…

but well if anyone know a solution I would be really grateful.

Thank you.

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