Questions about using subs for language learning

I have heard kitsuneko recommended for obtaining subtitles for anime. I really like the feature set of Animelon and Anjsub.


  1. Animelon is extremely poorly maintained with videos regularly breaking–currently all videos are broken–and I don’t want to have to depend on Animelon being functional for planning my studying.
  2. Anjsub, on the other hand, generally works just fine, although I want to watch a lot of anime not available on Anjsub, and I want to have an option in the future to watch any anime I want.

I like the idea of being able to buy whatever anime I want and add kitsuneko subs with the following feature set:

  1. I can highlight, copy, and instantly translate subs.
  2. I can use shortcuts to easily skip to the previous or next line of dialogue.

Does anyone know if these are already possible in VLC player or similar?

(Also note that I am an experienced software engineer, so if making plugins is easy enough, I can probably make such a tool myself and share it with the community.)

I don’t recommend using subs for anime. Your brain can’t do both listening and reading so it’ll have to compromise.

I know it’s really tempting to mix both because you feel like you are understanding more but it won’t allow you to progress properly.

So use raw anime for listening and manga for reading. Or you can simply use the transcript as a bonus. Basically, you watch the anime without subtitles, and whenever you don’t understand something you check the transcript.

Nonetheless, you can fast forward on VLC but I don’t think you have the same feature as animelon. So you can do it manually by pressing the arrow key and skipping the “blank” moments. At least, that’s how I would do it. Maybe there is another alternative I don’t know.


There’s this:

It’s usable if a bit janky. It’s got a few nice features such as hiding subs until you repeat a line and Anki export.

Word of warning though, finding subs that actually match up to the video you happen to have is hard, and retiming them is long and really tedious work (I think the kitsuneko subs are timed for the broadcast release).

Netflix + vpn + LLN is honestly far easier and less time consuming, unless the videos you buy already come with subs.


I can confirm this. I tried to do the method you mentioned but I got a lot of frustration. I ended up deleting voracious and going back to just having the transcript open in a different window. Not as convenient but so much easier.

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Got it. How did you obtain the transcript? Did you use some tool to obtain them with timestamps from the sub file?

Got it. Which VPN did you use? IVPN does not seem to work.

The sub file is just a text file. You should be able to open it in a text editor.

I was using this until the lockdown happened and all the connections tanked.

Now I’m using surfshark…it’s ok but I’m not sure I’d go as far as recommending it. I think most of the reasonably big vpn providers will work, so shop around.

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For retiming .srt files, I have used this site before and it works well.

For a VPN to access netflix, I’m currently using Hola VPN without issues.

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Yeah the issue is when the subs expect an ad break, and the broadcast framerate was different. The subs shift slowly out of time and then disappear for a bit…not worth the effort to fix.

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I usually use to get transcripts then convert the .srt files to .txt files with this. After that, I split the screen, half for the anime video, and the other half for the transcript.

So I can practice reading or listening depending on what I want at that moment. At least, this is my way of doing things.

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I had never heard of LLN before, but Terrace House on Netflix + LLN looks fabulous for listening practice and doesn’t even require a VPN.

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