Japanese Music Help (R&B)

Alright fam: i need some help.

I’ve been trying to find some Japanese music that i enjoy listening to for listening practice and vocab.
HOWEVER, i don’t like 90% of the music in Japan’s mainstream media right now. It’s way too poppy and bubbly for my liking (and i avoid rock/metal). Here’s where i could use some suggestions:

I love R&B. It’s probably my favorite genre to listen to. Do any of you guys know of any japanese artists/groups that release smooth af R&B tracks? I have a lot of trouble finding anything. it seems that japan isn’t really exploring this genre very much right now.

Here’s what i’m using as a reference. Korea is KILLING the game right now when it comes to R&B. Specifically, Zion.T and Crush release some really really good stuff. Here’s some good examples:

Crush: [MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ Sometimes(가끔) - YouTube

Zion.T: 제리케이 - You`re Not A Lady (Feat. Zion.T) - YouTube

Bonus - YouTube (this instrumental is lit)

Unfortunately, i’m not trying to learn Korean haha. If any of you guys can find any Japanese artists who sound even remotely like these two artists, i will love you forever.

*side note: It’s got to sound modern. I HAVE found some japanese R&B, but a lot of it has a super old-school american sound. In other words, it’s super cheesy and 80’s sounding haha. Crush and Zion.t stand as a pretty good example for some modern stuff.

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I don’t really do a lot of R & B, but there’s a fair amount of Japanese Hip Hop I enjoy if that’s something you could get into.

Gagle - 聞こえる

Evisbeats - ゆれる

Maybe some Nujabes.

Any Japanese R & B I have come across has been kind of how you describe it. Or just not so hot in general from what I’ve experienced.

This chart may or may not be helpful to you.


They’ve even got shoegaze and noise!

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If you lile K-pop (there’s some r&b in there too) they do a lot of Japanese covers of their songs. I’d check out BTS or Twice. I know you’re not tring to learn Korean haha but their covers are really good. Twice has Japanese members and BTS is in the top arists in Japan. They do Japanese singles even. Maybe try them?

That Gagle track is sick!

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