Japanese Movie Club interest check

I thought a Japanese movie club sounded fun and I’d like to know if anybody else agrees. We can get in some listening practice and hopefully have some fun watching/talking about movies together. Any movie with a Japanese dub would be fair game so there’s lots of options out there.

I’d like to focus on movies on netflix because of Netflix Party and Language Learning with Netflix, but I’m open to other streaming services. For example, Amazon Prime and Hulu apparently have a way to sync watching if we wanna do watch parties with those (and there’s probably more ways to do it that I don’t know about).

I think a movie a month would be a good pace, but we could probably do one for each service that has enough demand for it. I also have no idea how to schedule watch parties with so many time zones, but even if that doesn’t work out I still think this would be fun!

Regarding things not being available in every country: that might or might not be a problem! :sweat_smile: I think movies only a few people have access to shouldn’t win polls, but that might not be true in practice if people vote before checking.

Speaking of polls, here’s one!

  • I would participate with Netflix
  • I would participate with something other than Netflix
  • I would not participate

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Naphthalene: “Gaaah, I have to stop randomly signing up for book clubs”
Also Naphthalene: “Well, that’s not a book club”


I love the idea, but I don’t have a streaming service, so won’t be participating for the time being.

I just wanted to point out that the way you have set up the poll allows for folks to vote for all three items, which could make the info you are trying to obtain from it not very useful…


Turns out noon GMT is reasonably good for the three big time zones (i.e. Europe, the US, and Japan/Australia) - the people who mostly lose out to that are New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (and Hawaii and Alaska… and it’s a fairly early start for Pacific US too).


Yeah I wanted people to be able to vote for both netflix and not netflix if they wanted, but as far as I can tell there’s not a way to make it so a no excludes the other options. :thinking: I probably should have done a yes/no poll then asked in the comments what other services people would use

:cry: I’m pacific but that’s good info to know!

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This sounds like a lot of fun! There’s a good chance I’ll mentally check out if we don’t have subtitles, but I’d still like to join.

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i still can’t listen for shit, but pretty interested

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If Netflix is chosen, what movies there are varies between countries. So it may be a little problem!

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You can make it two options max, but by now it’s too late to change the poll. Anyway, this is not the POLL thread, so I think people will be respectful of the purpose of the poll?


There are some movies available across regions (I hesitate to say Ghibli, because I’m not a fan). Also, a VPN greatly broadens the options. I am currently using a VPN that allows me to watch Japanese Netflix. Sadly the Dutch region seems limited compared to other regions.


Ghibli is not a good option actually, though I am a huge fan personally. The movies are not available here in Japan and I believe not in the US or Canada either.


Exactly what I was about to say :joy: :expressionless: :frowning_face: :sob:


I think for an international group, we’re just going to have to acknowledge the need for a VPN unless we watch Beastars or the Naked Director…


I personally can’t afford a VPN that can fool Netflix rn : (

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t join every week/month/however often this runs though.


Definitely true. I just think relying on VPNs as the basis for the club could exclude a lot of people. It’s just something to keep in mind.


Licensing will exclude people anyway though. How many countries have the same Japanese movies on Netflix? WK has users from the US, Germany, Sweden, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and many more. There aren’t going to be many options after we run out of Netflix created content. As far as I can tell, it’s しょうがない.


I am using one that’s only €2 a month, and it’s fooling Netflix, so far. Though I haven’t tried the browser version yet. Windscribe.

First of all, I think this is an amazing thread! I once thought about doing something similar, but I didn’t know how to realize it.
Regarding movies, there are a couple of Ozu films in high quality and good eng subs (that you can turn on and off) on Youtube! I’ve seen most of them, but I wouldn’t mind watching them again. As far as I’m aware Youtube doesn’t have a syncing option, but it still might be fun to just start the movie at the sam time. With the help of the time stamp tool (2020-08-18T10:00:00Z), everybody would know when to start.

It looks like such a thing exists

People still might need to use VPNs but I haven’t heard of YouTube fussing and blocking them.