Anime Club Interest Survey

I raised this in the anime thread a while back and a few people seemed potentially interested, so doing a quick survey here to gather interest to see if it’s worth trying to establish one. There was a club that ran through 2022 but the organiser got busy with life, and a few adhoc clubs have been done over time.

Proposed Club Setup


  • Anime availability is much more of a crapshoot than manga/novel availability. While manga is mostly in a “every retailer has every manga” situation, anime has much more exclusivity and region locking. It’s also possible that an anime is on e.g. Crunchyroll in your region and Netflix in mine or vice versa. So I think rather than a retailer list we just link people to a JustWatch page (example) to look at where it’s available in their region
  • I think we should be open to people watching with Japanese subs or raw.
  • JP audio is pretty widely available outside Japan, so you can use e.g. Crunchyroll for the raw watching experience just by turning subs off. For the JP subs approach we can give instructions on how to use something like ASB player or Jigaku to load your own subs on Crunchyroll/Netflix etc. since JP subs are basically only available on JP streaming sites.
  • However, I don’t know if it’s compliant with the forum rules to link to places where you can get subtitle files, so I think for a bring-your-own-subs approach, people are going to have to find their own ones.


  • I’m guessing something like 3 episodes a week would be good? That takes a little over an hour and makes 12 episode seasons quick and 26 episode seasons feasible in a club schedule.
  • Some anime have feature length first or last episodes, those would count as multiple episodes if so.

Material level

  • I think we should start with N3 level material (Natively L20-27). A lower level gives us more possible members which would be good to start off with, but at the same time going too low runs out of material pretty quick - I don’t think we’re going to have a huge audience lining up to join if the options are like the Japanese translation of Peppa Pig.


Are you interested in an anime club?

  • Yes
  • No
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How do you feel about the proposed material range?

  • N3 (“Beginner Anime Club”) is good
  • I would prefer easier material
  • I would prefer harder material
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How do you feel about the proposed speed?

  • ~3 episodes per week is good
  • A slower pace is good
  • A faster pace is good
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I’d love to be part of such a club ! :blush:

Thanks for proposing a structure @araigoshi !


Ok, so 21 may be on the kind of low side given historical rates of club participation and dropoff, but let’s give this a go anyway: