Japanese Let's Players?

Does anyone know any Japanese Let’s Players/gamers on YouTube? Preferable ones that use facecam, it’s easier to see what they’re saying. I usually watch anime to test my listening skills, but there are a lot of phrases you shouldn’t use in real life (死ね~‼︎‼︎‼︎)


With facecam im searching too. So far i found out that 実況プレイ (じっきょうプレイ) is japanese for lets play.
One guy i liked so far is https://www.youtube.com/user/Shouhei6015 but he is not using facecam.

Usually Japanese let’s players like to keep private lives so they’ll seldom use facecams (or will hide their faces with a mask/sunglasses when filming), but it may help with reading practice because they like to add dramatic-looking captions to punchlines.

These are my favorite JP let’s players:
(The top four listed here frequently make group let’s play videos together,
their “Friday the 13th” plays are dramatic and super fun to watch.)

Ushizawa / 牛沢 (Dragon Quest, Disaster Report series, Legend of Zelda BotW)
Retort / レトルト (Recently started playing 60 Seconds, has LOTS of Mario Maker videos)
Kiyo / キヨ
Gatchman / ガッチャマン (Mainly plays horror games)

Abu / アブ (Splatoon and other random games, has a subchannel for his Shiba inu)
Fuji / フジ (Bully, Mario Kart, Friday the 13th)
Belle / ベル (Dragon Quest, Legend of Zelda series)
Pocky / ポッキー
Sena / セナ (Mainly plays Legend of Zelda series)

Not Let’s Play, but channels def worth noting:
BonBonTV / ボンボンTV
HiroChannel / ひろちゃんねる


The only one that matters.

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I haven’t seen too many Japanese LPers who use face cam. I’ve seen the few that do sometimes wear face masks which is tough from a learning standpoint as it muffles their words/hides their mouth.

However I did find this guy who sometimes has face cam. (He tends to play a lot of Japanese games.)
There’s also SeikinGames. He plays a lot of Minecraft/Nintendo games.

2bro is great because I prefer LPs with two+ people bantering. (I also really like them because they play a lot of western games that I’ve already played so I can concentrate on their speech instead of the game.)

Also if you want to find a specific Let’s Play on Youtube, use “実況プレイ” or “実況” plus the game title.

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