I found a (largely) subtitled let's play channel


just a quick post of a japanese let’s play (実況プレイ) channel I found

What I found useful is that he’s gone way overboard with the whole adding text to the screen to emphasize his speech thing, to the point where he’s basically subtitled 30-50% of everything he says :slight_smile:

Overall I’ve found he speaks relatively clearly as well, although he seems a bit too easily amused judging by the things he bursts into laughter about…

He’s also not got too many videos on his channel, so you may of may not find something you’re into.

PS: I was unsure whether to resurrect any of the existing let’s play threads or start a new one. I hope the forum gods will look favorably upon my decision.


I’ve been watching/listening to レトルト. Specifically the “Life is Strange” videos.

He doesn’t subtitle what he says, but in all the ones I’ve watched so far at least, the dialogue of the games he plays are in Japanese subtitles. I, personally, like it this way. I’ve found that it’s good practice for me to listen both with and without subtitles.

I still tend to have difficulty following along in text-intensive japanese games, so I still tend to avoid such LPs :sweat:

But I’m sure those will come in handy one day when I am up to the task!

The LP commentary itself is often a lot more simple :slight_smile: (Although, perhaps, often too simple)

You ever watch Japanese variety tv shows? Compared to that, I’m not sure I’d call this guy’s subtitles “way overboard”. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is also the youtube GG Gab, while she doesn’t speak in Japanese, she does subtitle Japanese games. Not as useful to learn Japanese but it’s coop if you want to see Japanese games being played.

I watched a bit of his most recent video. Kept saying konbanwa for some reason … like good evening to you too

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I haven’t :slight_smile: I’ve heard of them, and I assumed they were the reason many japanese youtubers do this, but I didn’t know they did it quite so much!

The latest one seemed to be a Subnautica livestream, so presumably that was directed at the people joining the chat :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhh that makes sense ありがとう :slightly_smiling_face:

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or the ever-popular ちょっと待って〜!

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