Another Let's Play Channel Recommendation

As I might have mentioned I kinda like watching Let’s Plays (or 実況プレイ as they’re known in Japanese) for listening practice and entertainment.

(For the uninitiated this means videos of people playing games while commenting)

I recently stumbled upon a new 実況者 that I’ve come to like quite a bit, going by the name of Gongen.

He speaks pretty slowly and clearly, making him relatively easy to understand, and I think he’s got a really endearing おっさん kinda voice going to boot. (He says he was in elementary school during the release of the original Zelda, which means he’s probably around 40).

His main focus is playing retro games from the NES/SNES era (I found him when on a whim I was looking for a let’s play of the Japanese version of Castlevania 3 / 悪魔城伝説).

Being about the same age as him (having passed 40 I am now an official card-carrying おっさん as well), I grew up playing a lot of the same games, so this is quite the nostalgia trip for me :slight_smile:


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