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As I’ve already almost mastered wanikani (lvl 54) and now I’d like somehow to have a daily practice of Japanese reading / any lessons.
Would anyone please recommend such services where you can spend around 30 minutes to finish one lesson. It would be a good practice of real japanese as now I can’t go to Japan :frowning:


NHK Easy News is my suggestion. It’s a good way for me to get simple reading practice in and keep updated on world events.

If it can be anything, I like this site.

They have Japanese audio as well.

Ah, it doesn’t have kanji, nvm.

Thanks) but that’s just reading, I’m more looking a paid service where I can focus on real lessons/ reading / listening as it motivates to learn Japanese every day, rather than just reading random articles

So you want to pay to read an article? Or do you mean you read something with a tutor? In this case I’d recommend Italki.

I’d like to find a service where I can learn Japanese on daily basis including reading, some grammar, etc. Wanikani is not enough t
o maintain enough level of Japanese as it only provides Kanji learning :frowning:

Well if you are looking for one resource that has everything I only know Marumori. But it is still in the beginning stages.
But you could use Bunpro for grammar and read articles (like on NHK easy which was already recommended) for reading exercises and listen to podcasts for listening. You can use all of them daily without a problem. If you want to pay for reading exercises because you feel it motivates you more you could use Satori reader.


Same recommandations as @Ducklingscap , Bunpro will teach you grammar points and you can do SRS on them just like WK, and Satori Reader provides you with stories that you can read (or hear), with easy lookups and a ton of grammar - cultural notes

Guys, you’re the best, thanks a lot!

Marumori looks great, but it’s on early stage now. I passed N3 few years ago and ‘absolute beginner’ may be little bit too easy, but I’ll try :slight_smile:
Satori also looks quite convenient for relaxed reading.

If you have any other similar services - please suggest as well

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