Need Suggestion for Reading and Speaking

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is safe and sound. I am currently on level 13 of WaniKani. Since I am practicing N3 Kanji too so is there any manga or reading websites where I can read according to my level and there will be less unknown words so that it does not get boring, want to improve my reading.

And how can I improve my speaking?Any suggestions? Any specific methods that helped you improved your speaking.

Thanks in advance.

For reading you could try Graded Readers but I wouldn’t be the one to tell you because I haven’t tried them myself.

As for speaking, I recommend iTalki. You find a lot of community tutors there that will do a 60 min conversational tutoring for as little as $8-10. So, if you do 2-3 sessions per week with different people you’ll notice considerable progress.

There are also free platform for language exchange but it’s very difficult to find a good partner that would also do a voice chat. That’s why recommend tutoring.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Also, there are these two for reading the news (not sure which would suit your level)


Thank you so much