The forum is displaying chinese fonts for japanese characters

For example, ちょく looks like this to me.
bad choku
when it should be
good choku

That’s not the forum, it has to do with the language settings of your browser. If you add Japanese as a language, then that’ll force it to the JP variants


Huh, I assumed that wasn’t the case because it worked in my search bar, thanks

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Forum doesn’t enforce Japanese fonts, but if you want to forum to force it, it can be done by setting forum display language to Japanese. This will also prevent Chinese websites from displaying Japanese variants.

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Most browsers assume kanji are Chinese when the text isn’t tagged with a specific language (or if you don’t have a language preference set in the browser or the forum).

In the forums editor, you can put HTML tags around text to specify the language.


<span lang="zh">直</span>


<span lang="ja">直</span>


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