Japanese in one year?! - Not your usual study log


As in “En chat” :fr:


Nah, I just gotta get used to it :slight_smile: It’s feels unusual to me, but I actually like it


What’s up, gamers? Let’s continue!

Day 2 (Time spent today: 56m; Total time spent so far: 2h 2m)

First interesting thing to note is probably this

I would’ve never thought that they also katakanized the word “waiting” :thinking:

No thank you, I don’t want to be fed to monsters lol

And just like that, I’m already in my first fight

Everything looks cooler when the text is Japanese lol

First fight done! (Toadsworth is kinda annoying at this point haha)


Anyway, we’re at the castle now!

And Luigi has joined the crew as well, meaning I will have to keep care of six keys now hehe

After some more dialog, I can finally move again lol

Btw do you see that green guy right next to Luigi? This is a reference to the first part of the Mario & Luigi series hehe.

Well, that’s it for today. The beginning is very dialog heavy, but I should be able to make more progress as soon as we get to the underground section of the castle! And until then, I’ll just enjoy the Japanese :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! :smile:

Day 3 (Time spent today: 1h 10m; Total time spent so far: 3h 12m)

This is a very interesting dialogue imo

He tells about the past of マクラノ島

And now we also lost Peach, and the only way to get to her is by using this scary looking platform that is still being tested.

Here we are, in the part about which I’ve already talked about yesterday: The underground section!

And here is also a strange fireball. To this date, I don’t know who he is, only that he guards a treasure.

And then there’s also yellowstar

But I want to explore lol

It’s sooooo hard if there are no kanji haha

Alright, now that all the talking is done (for now), I’ll do some fights to gain more XP!

And now that I’ve been playing for a bit as well, the click delay isn’t that bad to handle anymore.

Well, that was quick hehe

Fite me


I’ll leave it here for today, because if I remember correctly, the next room is the fight against the fire.


Yeah, you wouldn’t think so when you first start learning the language. But reading Japanese without kanji is the real pain. There’s one character in Sakuna Hime who is a foreigner. And instead of the typical all katakana, they mix hiragana and katakana with her. I think the katakana is usually when it’s supposed to be kanji normally? Making it a huge struggle to understand what she’s talking about half the time. Everyone has a difficult accent in that, but somehow her’s is the worst.


So true, I was so confused when I saw that he was talking in Katakana only, and this was definitely the text I understood the least so far (though I still managed to decipher some parts).

Btw this also was the first time I saw ヲ in the wild


Yeah, katakana only is somewhat rare. It’s intended to be stilted and awkward though, so it has a purpose. Most of the time I’ve seen it, it’s for robots, ghosts/spirits, or foreigners. Situations where something about the speech should be unnatural/stilted feeling. That or it’s just a form of CAPS LOCK. (Granted, robots can fall under that too.)

It makes sense, but it doesn’t make it any more fun to read.


Yeah, it definitely fits then, the German version also sounded somewhat… unusual :laughing:

I couldn’t agree more, the reading was going a lot smoother that I’d thought it would be, until I came to that ghost haha


Three of my favourite fictional creatures!




If you want to go truly fictionally foreign. Toriyama went full 当て字 only for the Chinese characters in Dr Slump, even when they cameo’d in Dragon Ball. Putting the actual text in furigana.



You’ve heard of ‘speaking katakana’, get ready for ‘speaking kanji’


What did I just see :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: At first I thought it was maybe kundoku or something similar, but that’s a bit of an atrocity and feels a little… off.