Japanese Handwriting Practice

If you’re willing to spend like $15-$25, you can get a cheap tablet/pen (I originally bought a set for Osu!) and use the following Chrome plug-in to write in Japanese. On Chrome – Google Input Tools

I used to write out Kaniwani answers physically and then type them in, but this is obviously much faster. In case anyone has a tablet lying around or are down to buy one, give it a shot if you’d like!


This is great. I’ve just found a use for my Wacom tablet, because I suck at drawing. Thank you.


This is a cool idea! Can anyone recommend a cheap tablet? I have an iPad and a stylus, is there any way I could use that?

You can get a Wacom Intuos Draw for £50, I think. Don’t know how cheap is that. You could even get a used one.

This should do the trick right? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00TB0TTAC/ref=psdc_430562031_t1_B074H8F5BX

That looks fine. This is what I have for reference. https://www.amazon.ca/XP-Pen-Ultrathin-Graphic-Digital-Drawing/dp/B01BA7D6YI/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1519667781&sr=8-7&keywords=tablet+and+pen

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This is a really good idea. But I think my review time will multiply by a few times. I used to just write it with the keyboard which is a lot faster for me. Oh well…

Just be sure to write words with small hiragana like ちょう and not ちよう when writing. This got me a few times now.

Hundred percent it will take longer. Just last night I did 300 reviews on KW and took me like 1.5 hours. But I’ve found it does wonders for my retention, so if you’re a tactile learner maybe it’s worth the investment.


Ooh this looks really cool! I have a Wacom pen tablet as well, gotta try this out later.

Ooh I wanted to practice writing while doing KaniWani. If im not gonna practice drawing with my tablet, I might as well at least practice Japanese lmao

Will try as well, I have a couple Wacoms lying around.

I’ve been using Skritter, and I really love how it makes me write the characters correctly. Been following along with WK and hope I have the time to do this going forward up through level 60. :slight_smile:

You’re really fast compared to me.
I think it would take me more than 1,5 hours to complete 300 reviews, even when I use the Keyboard.

What do you do when you have to write the meaning? Just switch back to keyboard I guess?

Out of curiosity, do have more than one monitor and does the tablet work with that? There’s a review saying it won’t work with multiple monitors, but did not specify anything…

I only use this for Kaniwani, which only requires you to input Japanese. I use normal keyboard for WaniKani.

If you don’t know what KW is, it’s a user-made reverse of WaniKani, where they prompt you with English prompts and you have to type in the Japanese. You can type in kana or Kanji.

The one I have you can customize the mapping etc, but yes at the end of the day one tablet can only cover one screen/monitor. No current way I know to use one tablet for multiple screens.

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To be fair, tablets will technically work on multiple monitors, they just won’t really work right You have to map it to a single monitor if you need to draw or write anything without it getting weirdly stretched out, but that’s the only issue I’ve really run into. ((At school, mapping never really works properly for me, so I just turn one screen off while I use the tablet))

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I’m pretty curious about the cheap tablet for $15-$25 that OP is mentioning.

I’m tempted to do something like Skritter these days

I remembered wrong; I paid $35 for mine. Maybe there’s a cheap one out there who knows

So expensive! I see a few out there that are pretty cheap though.

Just want to mention that you can use an ipad for this as well - just use one of the mirroring apps for iOS or Windows that lets your ipad act as a second screen and just run kaniwani on that. I use Duet Display (currently $10), but there are a ton of other apps on the market that do something similar, some of them free. I don’t have any experience with other mirroring apps, though.