I made it to Level 5!


So happy to make it to Level 5! Now I can finally use words like 公用 (official / gov business) and 代用 (substitution) in my daily conversation … because you know, that’s what we talk about … substitution and government business. :wink:

I’m working two jobs now, and my coworkers often catch me mumbling in Japanese … “taiki - atmosphere, kawaru - to replace, nailbat … no wait, now it’s the fingers radical”. I’m really enjoying WaniKani so far though … it’s keeping me on track, and all I need to do is keep doing lessons and reviews.

How about KaniWani … are you using that tool too?

どうも …


おめでとうございます! Keep up the good work!

I definitely recommend using KaniWani but it may take some trial and error on your part to figure out how to use it best for you. You can tweak the settings in a lot of ways depending on your goals and time available.


Congratulations on reaching level 120

Bad jokes aside, good job! I don’t personally use kaniwani, but some other people seem to find it helpful, so it may be worth giving a try if it seems like something that could be useful to you.

I’m level 5 also !
This app is dope !
Do you guys, know another app to practice all the vocabulary that we learn in wanikani, as a complement ? I mean, in a real discussion context or something ?

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Woohoo, 1/12th of the way there! :crabigator::sparkles:

I highly recommend using a reverse WK site like KaniWani, I started using it after reaching level 60 and wow was it an eye-opener of just how different (and important) it is to train going from EN -> JP :durtle_the_explorer:

がんばって !


Yeah, I feel like most people (including myself) don’t realize how difficult it is until you try. It really helps!


y-you really help!



N-no u!


Yep! I changed the settings so when vocab gets to Master here in WK, it gets added to KW. That way I’m focusing first on just learning the kanji/vocab with its readings and meanings, and when I have a good many brain connections with them (by getting vocab to Master), I practice the Eng to Jap. It seems to be working well for me.

An additional thing I do because I have a feeling I will need to write Japanese by hand eventually, I write out the kanji and okurigana on my palm when doing KaniWani reviews. It is surprising how well I can recognize the kanji, even know its reading (to type into KW) and how little I can actually tell you what it looks like. Obviously, if you aren’t planing to write by hand (pen/pencil, aka no keyboard) then that skill isn’t really needed. But I’m planing to take in person Japanese classes come spring and I have a feeling we’ll be doing tests and homework on paper.


iknow has the japanese core 6000 sorted by wk order. those are the 6000 most common words used in japanese newspapers.

The 10k Anki deck has all of the words that are in iKnow. Also, unless it’s been very recently changed/updated, they are not in WK order on iKnow. (I used iKnow up until my sub expired in October and they were not in the same order.)

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does anki have all of the activities, too?

the set might not be 100%, but 99% sounds pretty awesome. heck, even 80% does :slight_smile:

btw even the 6k list has some rare vocab (in daily life), because it’s based on newspapers - not sure a 10k is worth it. i’d rather go with more specialized words at that point)

I don’t know what you mean by activities?

listening practice (dictation) for example. iknow has some randomness to it’s reviews that makes it hard to predict whether they test you with the reading, meaning, multi choice, typing, cloze deletion or listening.

Ah, yes, the deck does have audio reviews. It also has cards with the same sentences that iKnow uses. And I believe you can control the randomness in the Anki settings? Not sure on that last one because I freakin’ hate Anki. But I use the same deck on Kitsun and it’s wonderful.

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because doing more than 1 srs at a time is risky. your odds of burning out go up considerably with each system you add.
2 systems might even work for some. personally, i put iknow on ice for now until i’m 60 here. i’m reading instead.


That 100% depends on the person. I’m using 3 SRS systems simultaneously (WaniKani, KaniWani, and Kitsun) and I’m enjoying my studies now more than I ever have. I think it has less to do with the number of systems and more to do with how you manage your time and the type of content you are learning/reviewing within those systems. Just my two cents.

@Sebastopol, I think if you want extra vocab studies in addition to WK, the 10k deck is the way to go.


I was mostly joking. I have a custom deck of words from imabi and example sentences here but the rule I have for myself is I can only add words that are made up of kanji I know from wanikani that aren’t in the wanikani vocab, and so far it’s broadened my vocab without bending me over and… ahem. I like the idea of reaching this so-called core 10k through a sort of broadening of scope limited a little to my wk level to avoid aforementioned burnout.


i agree, it’s a time management question. if your buffer is big enough to cover you in case of a flu, you’re good.
if not - 500 reviews per system don’t sound like something i’d be able to do often. only works on the weekend :slight_smile:

another system one could do is skritter, by wk order (there’s a set for that). that’s so different from wk, and yet it helps, it sounds like a nice thing to do.

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