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I’ve wanted to increase my exposure to Japanese by watching Japanese dramas. But all the dramas I have found have really bad/exaggerated acting. which I think is probably not an accurate source for Japanese for a beginner. Can someone recommend Japanese dramas where the acting is actually good? ( or ones that could help me improve)

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Do you have Netflix? Then Atelier/Underwear might be worth a watch. Also 僕だけがいない街 (adapted from a manga/anime).

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I do have Netflix. Atelier is not really my cup of tea, but I’ll make sure to give erased a try.

If you have access to a vpn, it would be worth it to shop around Netflix Japan as well.

I know Viki is a website that has some Japansse dramas, though I never use it myself. A friend recently recommended 校閲, about a proofreader of some sort, which is on Viki.

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thank you very much! 校閲 looks very interesting.

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I actually just finished 校閲. I didn’t think it had the best acting, but I watched it because I like Satomi Ishihara, and it was decent enough to finish.

I would personally recommend Quartet, which has some of the better acting I’ve seen in Japanese dramas. There are some silly parts here and there, but it’s nothing like the overexaggerated acting and bad tropes you’d see in most dramas.

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