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Hey. I’m about to turn 60 (years old lol), but also closing in on the coveted level 60. I’ve started reading in Japanese (and doing Bunpro, which is awesome) and now want to start watching anything in Japanese. As I’ve seen commented about here, Netflix doesn’t have much. The series about the lingerie designers was hilarious, but I couldn’t find much else. When I was in Japan they had a great collection. (I guess I could set up a WPN is it called?)

So, I’m putting a call out there for suggestions for other stuff to watch. Anime is fine. Situation comedies or dramas are great. I don’t mind spending a little money if it is for a good show. But as everyone knows, if you’re not listening to a new language regularly, you’re not learning it.

Anything you thought was great, please post a link! I’ve tried searching past topics and found some stuff, but it’s all kind of old and some of the sites are not working for me.



Viki has a decent amount of Japanese shows, many of which have been fansubbed (legally) into various languages, some also having Japanese subs which is helpful. It leans heavy towards romcoms as that seems to be what the userbase enjoys, but you can find other genres as well.

Netflix is pretty proactive about blocking VPNs so I wouldn’t invest too much time there.

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If you are okay watching without subtitles, there is a service called TVer. It has a lot of content that is currently running on Japanese television. It is 100% free, and legal, because it is funded by Nippon TV, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, TBS, and Fuji Television. As such, it has a wide variety of content from dramas, comedies, anime to variety shows and the like.

You do need a VPN set up for this, and you need the VPN to say you are in Japan. There are a number of free VPN options out there that are good, so that’s kinda buyer’s choice, but just make sure whichever one you choose allows you to select a Japanese server.

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I really enjoyed Terrace House on Netflix. I normally don’t like reality shows, but this was really fun to watch. I just turned 50 btw, nice to see someone a couple of years older getting to level 60. Gives me hope :slight_smile:

Viki is great! Thanks for telling me about it. And thanks for the heads up on the blocking of VPNs. I’d rather give money to Viki than Netflix. Watched a funny show last night. Thanks, gain!

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LOL! Thanks! Doing Wanikani an Bunpro is such a part of my day I’m going to probably need therapy when I complete them. :slight_smile:


I think I need the subtitles for now. I’m still just catching the stock phrases. But I’ll check the site out. I’ve never heard of it. Thanks!

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Over the years, our local Walmart stores have carried all of the Studio Ghibly movies on DVD, for around $10 each. I own every one, and except for the few with too much fighting, I have watched them over and over and over again.
They are mostly children’s movies, but they have enough substance for an adult.
ポンニョ is the first movie I ever understood all of the Japanese language in from start to finish. My Neighbor Totoro is delightful. I can give a list of other great ones too, if you think you are interested.


Thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

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