Jalup Apps shutting down Fall 2022

Thanks. Changed my username tho, you may untag vinaigrette.

I wonder how hard it is to import anki deck into kitsun.

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@neicul may be better placed to answer that, but it really shouldn’t be too hard. Syncing the progress would be harder.

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The anki deck is pretty minimal on HTML, so I imagine it’s a straight forward import. Perhaps only changing things to make it look easier on the eyes.

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I actually did manage to do the import myself and have put the template up on the Kitsun community. I’ve also prepared the first deck for Kitsun import already in case you’re keen. Haven’t done the others yet, but I’d be happy to if you need them. I’ll share them with you since I know you’ve already paid for the product. As Kitsun doesn’t have card linking, that feature will obviously not be available, of course.


Aye, card linking is only in the app.

@VegasVed I’ve been meaning to ask, does the Anki deck include the audio recordings?

Synching the SRS progress from Jalup → Anki should hopefully be fairly easy. As long as what I did is reproducible :scream:
It’s basically

  1. Load decks into a separate Anki profile
  2. Get JalupBackup.csv from the app
  3. Convert the csv into a format that is compatible with Add-on 891862080
  4. Install Add-on 891862080
  5. Import converted csv

I do have a google sheet set up that makes step 3 fairly easy, but you need to refer to specific CardID’s, so I’m not sure if it’ll work for others :scream: Should though, as long as they do everything the way I did :thinking:
Sadly this way doesnt transfer freezes (They’ll be new cards in Anki, so pretty easy to find), doesn’t transfer personal notes (Someone who cares will have to figure that one out) and the google sheet I’ve set up currently only includes JB+JI+JA+JE+JH (Because I didn’t need it to do more)

EDIT: I shared a slightly more detailed process, including the google sheet I used to convert my progress, in another post:

Yes, Jalup main is pretty much exactly the same in Anki except for the card linking. (The screenshot I attached on creating the thread is actually JB001)


Thanks for the tag. Yeah, I’m disappointed the app is going away, but I knew it was a possibility when purchasing. There are so many features I use as a beginner (shadowing, linking, stories) that are in the app, that aren’t in Anki, and honestly, I have never liked the anki interface, so the Jalup app was nice, albeit with a bit dated interface. At least Adam (Jalup’s creator) included the anki card set, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll use them.

I know the latest news is he may sell the content to the “Nihongo” iOS app creator, but I highly doubt they’ll have all the same features.

C’est la vie. I’ll just keep using it until I can’t anymore. I was hoping I’d be able to use it for easing my way to J → J vocab lookups, but now, that seems unlikely. I’m still too low level for Intermediate.

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Jalup is worth it, give Anki another shot ! :face_holding_back_tears:
… just ignore all the ugly interface outside of the review screen and pretend your pretty flashcards make up for it :see_no_evil:


We’ll, that’s good at least. I suppose the transition for me won’t be so bad then. I just keep bouncing off of Anki for whatever reason. Been trying to get into it for almost 20 years with a variety of subjects and I just could never do it.


I think it might be because it’s a steaming pile of crap. But that’s just a stab in the dark.

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I’ll take it gladly. I’ve created a test deck but your template doesn’t show.

Sent you link on Discord.

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There’s a bit of a learning curve. It just requires a bit of looking into how it works and some experience to make it work for you. But in the end it’s the most powerful and customizable of the bunch. Doesn’t help there’s a lot of bad information out there, as well. I do most of my reviews on the iOS app, which works really well.


Can ya share the decks with me as well? I can send you a link to a screenshot via discord or something.

I plan on importing them into kitsun as well.

Absolutely. Give me your Discord handle.

Wow, you have two lifetime accounts?

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Thank you very much!

Hey all, creator of Nihongo here. Just found this thread. Happy to answer any questions you have.

I’d also love any feedback on what you want to see preserved as Jalup content moves into Nihongo. I’m a big fan of Jalup and am really hoping to make it even better in Nihongo. I’m just getting started with the integration, so there’s plenty of time to influence its direction.

At the very least, I think having Jalup deeply integrated into a full-blown dictionary app will give some nice improvements to looking up words in the cards, seeing conjugations, contained kanji, getting more example sentences, etc.

A couple things I already see in this thread:

  • I can say that card-linking will definitely be preserved. I know that’s an important part of what makes Jalup great.

  • Things have moved moved pretty quickly so I haven’t had a lot of time to think through pricing yet, but I definitely want to figure out something that feels fair for people that have already purchased Jalup content through one of the apps. So there will be a discount for sure. I just need to figure out what exactly that looks like.


Hey, glad to have you! I saw you’ve already answered some questions on your own blog post about Jalup, so my curiosity has been mostly satisfied, but what I’m a bit curious about is how Jalup and Kanji will relate in your App.
Kanji Kingdom is very reflective of Adams old mindset of “Learn these 2000 scribbles, then you can start learning Japanese!”, or less dramatically “Doing RTK up front.”
Even though I’ve stopped using WaniKani fairly early on, what stuck with me is how they paired Kanji study with vocab study. Even while mining my own cards now, I only add new Kanji to my deck when I add vocabulary that contains them.
This could never be done with Jalup, because the ordering of Kanji Kingdom and Jalup Main doesn’t match up.

So here’s the question: If someone is a complete beginner, no basics except Kana, can they learn Kanji within your app and if so, how will this relate to Jalup Main?


haha, no. 無理だよ

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