Jalup Apps shutting down Fall 2022

If you are reading this and wondering “Huh, what is Jalup?” you should probably go back to studying.

If you are however currently using the Jalup Android or iOS apps, I’ve got some disappointing news. As of writing this, it seems like the apps are going to shut down starting Fall 2022. (September, I believe). You can read more on it here, but the long story short is that the Jalup content is going to be officially licensed on Nihongo-app.

What does this mean?

You can get the Anki Decks from Adam if you mail him your receipt until then and it seems that even if the apps get taken down, they will stay on your phone. So people have been discussing the following ways to keep your content:

  • Move over to Anki. Transferring your SRS progress is possible, but you’ll lose features of the app like card linking.
  • Keep the app on a separate device that you don’t update. Also create a backup of this device, because you won’t be able to re-download the app. (Major updates are likely to break the app in the future)
  • Use Android emulators on your computer to run the app. Also create a backup of this (people have been saying e.g. Nox can do that) in case you get a new computer, because you won’t be able to re-download the app.
  • Move over to Nihongo-app (currently iOS only) in the Fall. (This likely won’t be free, but supposedly there will be a discount for re-purchases. If it’s just a few bucks it might be worth considering)

I might have missed some possibilities, if you can think of something else please share with everyone :heart:

Whatever you choose to do, mail Adam your receipt to get the Anki decks. Afterwards, you’ll have some time to consider your options. Regularly create backups of your SRS progress within the Jalup app so you can move over to whatever you want in case the app ends up breaking earlier than expected.

Personally I’ve already moved over to Anki. Not having the card linking is a bit of a bummer, but the search function within Anki has been a good enough replacement for me. Plus point: Anki can be a lot prettier than Jalup.


EDIT: The creator of Nihongo-app joined the thread to answer some questions and gather feeback:

EDIT: I posted a mini-guide below on how I went about transfering my Jalup progress to Anki:

EDIT: Just a little comment to keep the thread from derailing. Please stay on topic.


Wow, Jalup is the site that got me past the mid level plateau… I haven’t visited it in years, but it’s kinda sad to see it gone.


I feel sorry for those people who just spent money buying Jalup, they basically flushed money down the toilet. Japanese language learning sure has a lot of scammers.


Well, no, with a proof of purchase, you will get your anki deck (the way it was before they developed the app, by the way). You are just loosing the extra stuff from the app.
I stopped using the site before they rolled said app, so I’m not even sure how useful it was to begin with.
So, as far as I am concerned, nothing of value was lost.
(And, as mentioned in the OP, it’s still possible to use the app past the expiration date anyway)


Yeah, I’m also sad to hear that the apps will shut down/no longer be supported but this doesn’t seem like a fair critique of Jalup at all. It was/is a really good service (I’m currently midway through the 4th of the 5 ‘main’ levels so think have used it enough to give a decent value judgement) and as mentioned, you can get an export of all of the content to anki to continue with it, just missing some of the ‘bells and whistles’ of the app. This seems way more like someone putting years into a hobby project that they had hoped would be able to sustain itself, and then eventually no longer being able to sustain it.

Yeah, it’s a shame the blog will go down as well. I’ve also found the apps incredibly helpful, they pretty much took me from trying and failing with various textbooks etc to being able to more comfortably read native content and make use of J-J definitions and learning resoursces (which in itself unlocks so much other helpful content)


I’m mostly sad because I thought the decks were great material. (Bought them myself). The first intermediate (J-J cards) were super hard (mainly because they contain a lot of vocab used in J-J definitions…) but since then it’s only been getting better and better and also more useful.

As a user I do wish the “transition period” (where he continues support) was longer, so yes, that is definitely a bummer. :confused: Sigh guess I gotta decide what to do with it now.

Tagging @anon9316832 @satisam @ItchyKnee (I forgot who number #5 was?), who bought the stuff with me recently and who might wanna know they need to save their stuff.


Thanks for tagging them, was hoping to reach some people that might not have heard yet c:
Guess I’ll try tagging some people that I think have gotten it as well :thinking:
@alo @VegasVed @SoraR @Mirabilia


@Aralakh @Vinaigrette @Laellen @justinc @MollieCat


Thanks for the heads up :smiley::+1:

Although I have been following the developments in the Jalup discord.

I think most of our group was interested in the Anki decks so most of them should be ok. As for me, I’ll just keep using the App until it gets pulled and then move on.

It was brilliant but I think was part of what lead to the downfall since it required maintenance and that’s what seemed to have caused the creator to want to shut down.

I think the best part was that every single word in every card was a link to a definition for that word in another card, no to mention recorded audio for each card.

I honestly think I got my money’s worth in the 4 months or so of using it. There are some instructions on the Discord for transitioning progress over to Anki or Kitsun but I haven’t looked into it yet.

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Thanks for the tag. Ive been done with it for a while but hopefully the Anki people can provide some tips to those who haven’t. There’s no card linking when you dont use the app right?

tx for the heads up…

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Thanks. Changed my username tho, you may untag vinaigrette.

I wonder how hard it is to import anki deck into kitsun.

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@neicul may be better placed to answer that, but it really shouldn’t be too hard. Syncing the progress would be harder.

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The anki deck is pretty minimal on HTML, so I imagine it’s a straight forward import. Perhaps only changing things to make it look easier on the eyes.

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I actually did manage to do the import myself and have put the template up on the Kitsun community. I’ve also prepared the first deck for Kitsun import already in case you’re keen. Haven’t done the others yet, but I’d be happy to if you need them. I’ll share them with you since I know you’ve already paid for the product. As Kitsun doesn’t have card linking, that feature will obviously not be available, of course.


Aye, card linking is only in the app.

@VegasVed I’ve been meaning to ask, does the Anki deck include the audio recordings?

Synching the SRS progress from Jalup → Anki should hopefully be fairly easy. As long as what I did is reproducible :scream:
It’s basically

  1. Load decks into a separate Anki profile
  2. Get JalupBackup.csv from the app
  3. Convert the csv into a format that is compatible with Add-on 891862080
  4. Install Add-on 891862080
  5. Import converted csv

I do have a google sheet set up that makes step 3 fairly easy, but you need to refer to specific CardID’s, so I’m not sure if it’ll work for others :scream: Should though, as long as they do everything the way I did :thinking:
Sadly this way doesnt transfer freezes (They’ll be new cards in Anki, so pretty easy to find), doesn’t transfer personal notes (Someone who cares will have to figure that one out) and the google sheet I’ve set up currently only includes JB+JI+JA+JE+JH (Because I didn’t need it to do more)

EDIT: I shared a slightly more detailed process, including the google sheet I used to convert my progress, in another post:

Yes, Jalup main is pretty much exactly the same in Anki except for the card linking. (The screenshot I attached on creating the thread is actually JB001)


Thanks for the tag. Yeah, I’m disappointed the app is going away, but I knew it was a possibility when purchasing. There are so many features I use as a beginner (shadowing, linking, stories) that are in the app, that aren’t in Anki, and honestly, I have never liked the anki interface, so the Jalup app was nice, albeit with a bit dated interface. At least Adam (Jalup’s creator) included the anki card set, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll use them.

I know the latest news is he may sell the content to the “Nihongo” iOS app creator, but I highly doubt they’ll have all the same features.

C’est la vie. I’ll just keep using it until I can’t anymore. I was hoping I’d be able to use it for easing my way to J → J vocab lookups, but now, that seems unlikely. I’m still too low level for Intermediate.

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Jalup is worth it, give Anki another shot ! :face_holding_back_tears:
… just ignore all the ugly interface outside of the review screen and pretend your pretty flashcards make up for it :see_no_evil:


We’ll, that’s good at least. I suppose the transition for me won’t be so bad then. I just keep bouncing off of Anki for whatever reason. Been trying to get into it for almost 20 years with a variety of subjects and I just could never do it.