SRS App Development Suggestions

I’m considering making a web/desktop SRS application.

Why yet another SRS application?

Sadly, it’s looking like HouHou hasn’t had any updates in a while and is still using the old WaniKani API. Another problem I had with it is that it’s hard to adapt the vocabulary to work alongside textbooks as it doesn’t seem to support furigana.
It just asks for both reading and meaning.

Another reason is I don’t like the way Anki works. I might make it possible to import Anki decks, but there are so few of them that are good out there that I don’t really see a point to using them.

Planned features

  • WaniKani and Bunpro API compatibility
  • Built-in per-chapter decks for common textbooks (vocabulary/kanji/grammar)
  • Tiered SRS system like in Bunpro
  • Lookup system similar to that of HouHou

Technology used?
I’m considering just going with Electron and SQLite for now.

If you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see that you wish other applications had, please comment.


One thing that can make or break an SRS system for me is the inclusion of a few sentences of explanation when teaching a new item, like WK and Bunpro. It is why, for me, Anki will remain a tool to review things I learn elsewhere rather than a tool for new items.


Have you considered using Kitsun instead of making your own SRS tool? It has most of the features you’re planning.


It costs a fair bit and it doesn’t solve the decks problem.

It’ll cost you much more in time to make an app than it would cost to pay for an existing app, but okay. Also, what “decks problem” are you referring to? Anyone create and share decks using Kitsun.


Some of my users would love a SRS for the titles they read (or recently marked known vocabulary) on

I agree. People generally underestimate what it takes to develop a good (not even great) product. And let’s not talk about the things necessary to keep it up and running.

If my problem is big enough that is solved with a $199 one-time payment, I’d gladly pay it and not develop it myself.

I’m not a fan of anki myself, but it has a huge community. That’s a strong claim that there are few good decks out there. There’s such a vast number of people working on these decks. Besides improving these decks, you could also join any existing anki-clone, srs tool that’s already out there.

Who and what is this SRS application for? What do you mean by WaniKani and Bunpro API compatibility?

Not to dishearten you, but I think you either aren’t clear what you want to build nor who for.
If you look for users, here’s my take on it.
I wouldn’t put my faith in a copy cat who uses subpar technology who asks for features without providing any sense of vision.

It’s okay to ask users for feedback and things they want to do - there’s plenty of ways how this could go wrong - but you have to do some work yourself.

So the question that I think you should ask yourself: Why?

I’m aware that this will come across harsh, but I rather have you not waste your own time.
If you know the why and what, then there’s no problem. Keep us updated.

Good luck to you with whatever you decide to do. :+1:


It’s not like I don’t already have professional experience in developing applications. I’m a software engineer by trade.

I have a clear idea of what I have in mind, I’m just asking ahead of time if there are some other features I haven’t considered yet because it’s easier to get it out of the way early on in the design process considering that there are times when adding a new feature would require a re-organization of the entire application.

The SRS application would be targeted towards people who use textbooks as their main approach to learning a language, while also tracking their progress on WaniKani/Bunpro. It would essentially function as a hub if the person does choose to connect their accounts to it.

I have already considered the costs that would be associated with hosting such an application. I’m not looking to make extra money, I’ll be fine with the application getting just enough for me not to have a deficit. I make enough from my career as is.

I plan on building this application anyway for personal use. Getting interest in it early on would tell me if it would be worth it or not at all to put it online rather than keep it for myself.

I love learning languages, not just Japanese, so to me this is a long-term personal investment that could potentially help others as well.

Thanks for your considerations that being said, it’s hard to gauge qualifications/intent from a detached post that doesn’t provide much context.

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