Iphone App Down?

Is it just me or is the wanikani iphone app down since the new review system? Using the search function in the forums I only found one mention. Probably wasn’t using it right -_- Any info would be appreciated!

Yes the review function has been borked since the update. Lessons still work though.

kiko said... A quick update on the app...

Planning to submit a new version to Apple by this weekend with the reviews browser once again functional. Unfortunately I am super busy right now so my plan is to just graft these fixes I've been testing onto the previous release version, leaving everything else pretty much identical. I want to do some bigger changes and bug fixes, but that release will require iOS 6 or higher and will probably come alongside the version I'll build with iOS 7 support.

For now I'd recommend bookmarking wanikani.com/review to your home screen for easy access, and use the app for notifications and stats as Zach suggested.
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Just updated the app and now it crashes when opening. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Yeah, I updated it just this morning and it crashes too. >.<

Ack my computer made me post twice, woops 

Mine won’t open after being updated either… At least the website still works though, right?^^ 

Crashing on both iPhone 5 and iPad 3 for me. Well notifications are still working for me, so I can do it all on the website when they both cry out to me. 

The reviews don’t work, but it opens and I’m still getting notifications.  I haven’t updated in quite a while, though.  Sounds like I should hold off.

atazg said... The reviews don't work, but it opens and I'm still getting notifications.  I haven't updated in quite a while, though.  Sounds like I should hold off.
 Yep, better not update for now if you want to view your statistics in the app.

Yeah…app is still crashing for me when launch. Oh well, I’ll just wait for the fix. (^。^)