Items to be burn

I wanted to ask if there is any kind of problem with the items to be burn???
I’ve made a reset a few months ago and am now on level 9.
Still haven’t burnt anything (last time i think i started burning items at level 6 if i don’t miss recall)…
i mean, they don’t pop up to review (the items that are on enlightened, from levels 1 to 3).


If you go to the first item you’ve ever learned (any radical from level 1), you can see at the bottom of the page when it’s next review will be due.


It takes a least 5 1/2 months for items to go from lessons to burn… if you did all the reviews directly when available. Looks like you’re just faster the second time around.

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Is your or my post first?

Edit: It’s mine, I’m sorry for not showing restraint to comment, even though I saw that you were already answering.

no idea, but they don’t contain the same info, so it’s fine :slight_smile:

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feel free to ninja me anytime you want

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We were just talking about it in the POLL thread (didn’t you also participate :thinking:?); in this case this would have been a definite Leebo.


it’s possible.
It’s not that i’m faster, but that i’m not taking “vacations”…
Last time due to laziness or forced to, i took vacations of one or more months…

Thanks, for the reply!

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