It took me like half an hour, but I managed to do my first Kanji translation!

I’m not sure if my approach was correct, though…
Since I didn’t know the stroke order for 禁, i took the requisite logical step:
(Number of strokes for 木)*2 + number of strokes for 示.
So 13 strokes.
Opened wiki, and holy hell, it was right there!
So 禁 means “prohibition”.
Then 止, which is easy because you learn it at level 3, means “stop”.

Then it was just a matter of putting them together.
2 kanji means on’yomi, so it reads as きんし.

Oppai prohibition+stop

Ok, so here’s where knowledge stopped, and I was blindly chucking stuff at the wall:
So my logic went like this:
“Stop” and “prohibition” are both complimentary(When they gang up on something, ie, you prohibit something to stop a second thing from happening), but they can also be contradictory, because you can stop the prohibition itself.

So I decided to try translating おっぱい禁止 as “oppai ban”.

I then chucked it into Google translate, and BAM! I was actually right!

A month ago I would’ve been scratching my head at the stylized Hiragana, but to actually be able to find the meaning of a sentence you don’t understand?
Felt so good, I’m excited like a little kid.



Fyi, you will also later encounter 禁止 for level 18 (Its actually in my apprentice list right now)


I don’t think I want to visit this place. Wherever it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll also see it pretty much everywhere if you visit Japan. For example, 立入禁止 = no entry.


Sometimes it’s the small victories that help keep up your motivation. Congrats!