It gets easier

As you can see though, the radicals and kanji don’t get much heavier. It is mostly vocabulary that makes up the workload.


Also its not accurate and just a trying to prove a point. It makes no sense for why you would need like 10 levels to get rid of your guru items after level 60 and why the workload would stop increasing after level 16.

Personally my workload increased little by little with every level, peaking at the highest levels ofcourse. This is mostly due to failing enlightened items that get then pushed to guru >_>

I guess it can be used as a good way to show the workload.


I think you might be reading the graph slightly wrong.

From where I found this:


For some reason I am currently incapable of thinking at the moment so I’ll just delete the last part and call it a day x)

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Number 3 is really important. Once you start to recognize the pronunciation from the radical it makes it much easier because you do not have to learn the reading.

I think the biggest difference is by this point you have a lot of experiencing learning kanji and it makes it easier to learn new ones and people have probably figured out what learning style works best for them.


I see level 22 on that graphic though xD Very different from level 16.

The graphic has some bias of course. It considers all levels done at the same speed. If you’re a speeder, your load on the last levels will increase because you’ll level up faster.


I had been looking for this one haha, thanks!

#3 - I haven’t installed this myself yet but I imagine it’s very helpful.

This. The last twelve levels have one or no radicals, so instead you get every single kanji in the level at once. 100+ lessons per level, all at the same time…

Welcome! You’re… you’re making your first post at level sixty? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have installed it, it’s really helpful.

I agree, the 40s and early 50s have been easier

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while i do agree with that statement i would like to only agree with it until about level 52. after that it gets quite specific and at least some kanji get quite hard to remember

actually might be helpful but u also figure that out intuitively and will see that many of your mistakes are because of false friends

Jesus Christ 700 reviews a day is unthinkable!

Also how have you been on this site from 1-60 and this be your only post? Lol

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Does anyone know any tips on how to learn the readings of Keisei (形声) kanji when there are multiple radicals within the kanji that could lend their sound? Or is it just a you come to remember it the more you study kind of deal?

My guess is that they only came here to find a walkthrough on how to unlock levels 61-70.
They were disappointed and we’ll never see them again.

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Well, I wouldn’t have replied to anything if that’s true. Uh, I was too busy reviewing, obviously. I’m posting now because I do think WaniKani is the longest journey I’ve ever taken, and if I can help now, I think it’d be gratifying.


This gives this level 10-er hope!
Congrats on your awesome work!!

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Haha, for sure. I think Level 10 is where I started to realize that I really need to make reviews a solid part of my schedule or I’ll get burned out.

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