Issues with android apps?

I feel like this would be really common if other people had this issue, but I can’t find anything in the search…

Recently my android WK app has been giving me “wrong password” errors when I try to login. I thought the app was maybe out of date, but I downloaded a different one with the same exact issue. Strangely, the chrome browser on my phone lets me login no problem, and only the chrome browser. Still, it’s a pain in the butt because the english to jp conversion stuff is barely functional with it and I don’t get notifications for reviews. 

Anybody else have issues with this? I have a galaxy s4. 

There are no official WK apps, so this is probably better addressed to whoever made whichever app you’re using.

I had problems logging in to the android app I have a couple of days ago. It wouldn’t accept my password either. But after a few failed attempts, I tried logging in using my username instead of my e-mail address like i normally do and it worked. So I could log in just fine using my username but it would reject my password if i tried to use my e-mail address. Hope this helps.

I don’t have any reviews right now so I can’t try actually using my app but I can get to the dashboard fine; it’s already logged in actually. I use the old app though, I don’t think you can get it anymore. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Thanks all. I know there’s no official app, but yeah good point, I should contact app makers and let 'em know. The interesting thing is that they all took me to the dashboard OK, just not into the reviews/lessons, which made me think that maybe it was an API change. Just a hunch though.

That being said, just tried the username instead of email trick, RubenImmerix, and it worked like a charm. Maybe they changed the ability to login via email at the API level?

ANYWAYS I can review on my phone easily again so I’m a happy camper. Hopefully this thread is useful to anybody else who runs into that problem.

Hello, in case anyone is taken here with the same issue, it’s because of unwanted extra spaces added to the username/email field. Please double check your credentials.

@duncankeller, instead of opening a new thread, you should be posting to the app developer’s thread:


The problem has already been reported and solved on that thread.