Issue with HILLS radical

Is there an issue with this radical?

I have learned it but now it is nowhere to be found. Result is that it kees showing up for reviews in the third party app I use (tsurukame). In Tsurukame it shows I have one item for review and wanikani shows zero. After I finished reviews it comes back again.


it is recently moved to another level. Maybe this is the problem.


Ok, how can we fix this because it is annoying it seems to be stuck. To what level dit it go?

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I see it went to level 29. I am currently at level 9 so it is going to stick for 20 more levels. Where can I address this issue?

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My suggestion is to post it in the Tsurukame thread, as that has a lot more chances to catch the attention of the Tsurukame author there:


Thx. I e-mailed the developer of Tsurukame


Aye, this is unquestionably a Tsurukame issue.

Having the same issue

This also happened for me in the Tsurukame app with the 久 kanji and the related vocaublary like 久しぶり.

The developers are aware of this problem and it has in fact already been fixed, just not yet released. (see Skip reviews for items that have moved to a higher level on the backend by mzsanford · Pull Request #269 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub and Reviews from higher levels shown · Issue #83 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub)

If you don’t want to wait for the bugfix to be released, you can use the public Beta via TestFlight: Join the Tsurukame - For WaniKani beta - TestFlight - Apple


The TestFlight version is not fixing the problem with the infinite hills for me.

I didn’t test it myself yet, so maybe you can open an issue on their GitHub page.

It’s working now. I must have missed the last update by a few hours, but I’m on the latest one now.

How did you made it work? I installed all updates but still the same issue. No reply from the developer

You need to use TestFlight and install the beta.

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I’m having the same issue with the Hills radical lesson showing up continuously in the Tsurukame app. I hope it will be fixed soon. In the past, the dev has always been fast and reliable in regard to releasing patches.

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Ahh it’s happening to me too. It’s a bit annoying, huh!

Use the official thread next time.

This issue has already been resolved in the stable release…

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I’m sure it has, but this thread is eighteen days old. And that link was already posted twenty-eight days ago.

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I think @JapanStar49 has just been going through all the threads mentioning Tsurukame and posting the boilerplate to keep all the stuff in one place. I’ve seen quite a few posts from him recently.


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