Is Wanikani adding new content again?

I just noticed my lesson count go up from 18 to 19, even though I didn’t guru any relevant radicals or kanji. Is Wanikani adding new content again?

They added a bunch of new lessons last year, but they haven’t added any this year, and when they did it before, it was always on a Thursday, so I’m rather confused.

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It’s possible they moved an item down a (few) levels. Updates like that are announced on Fridays ‘after the fact’, while the new rollouts get announcements in advance. Also… my dashboard still reads 0 lessons.



I just checked your account and according to the review log, you only just Guru’d 莫 (greenhouse) which unlocked 莫大 (huge) for you. Does that seem correct?

We will usually let everyone know if there are any additions.


Oh sorry, I missed that. Thanks for checking!

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Just as a reminder, there’s a recent unlocks section on the WK site you can use to check this kind of thing! :fire:

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