Userscript to accept kanji in answers to vocabulary?

Hello! I’m looking for a userscript that allows me to enter the kanji for a vocabulary word. I want to use the speech-to-text feature on my iPhone to speak all of the answers for vocabulary instead of typing them, but the result is always in kanji form, not plain hiragana. Does anyone know of a userscript that would allow me to do this? Thank you!

Seems that this would just be exactly entering the exact same thing it is asking for. Simular if asking for the meaning of “cat” and you answer “cat”.

not really - you still have to know the reading to be able to pronounce it. But it does allow for ‘multiple attempts’ where you can pronounce several times until it types an answer identical to the question before you submit. Depending on how speech-to-text works (when it submits) it would require some self control. I don’t think such a script would be impossible. It would be checking the answer against the question rather than against the reading. Don’t think it currently exists (have not heard of it).

Yea this is essentially what I’m looking for–WaniKani would accept both たべもの and 食べ物 as answers to 食べ物. Of course, I wouldn’t copy-and-paste! But it would allow me to speak the answers, which obviously requires knowledge of the hiragana. I appreciate the reply

Out of curiosity, if you say たべいもの, for example, does the speech recognition accurately transcribe that, or does it say “oh, you must have meant たべもの” and auto fix your mistake for you?

There is this one, but it’s probably broken – LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc

An iOS app (third party) may have Anki mode, but I am not sure whether it would have Dictation mode, or even simply, sound recording and replay.

This is a good point—when I say たべいもの (wrong) the software automatically corrects it to 食べ物. I would just have to listen to the correct pronunciations and do my best to mimic them.

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Thank you! I’ll check that out.

No longer broken :slight_smile: We had to rewrite the plugin to work with the new WaniKani.