Is this a bug? What am I doing wrong?

Hi, this is really throwing me in for a loop. I type the kanji reading but it doesn’t accept. But, when i copy and paste the kanji from the hint, it accepts that. I don’t know what’s happening here. Could someone please help me out?

Thanks in advance!

You typed にゆう (niyuu)

It should be にゅう (nyuu)

Note the small ゆ. It is also a difference in pronunciation, in addition to size.

The same applies to りょく (ryoku) for 力 and じゅう (jyuu) for 十. If you type じゆう, that is actually an entirely different word, meaning “freedom.”


I’m starting to think should add a function to the level one kanji that pops up a specific alert if you type a big character in place of a small one.


Or a level 0 placement test to show you know your kana.


Thanks, that helped a lot!

Like both of these ideas… A test maybe not so much as a level zero that you have to unlock to see level 1.

Then give the beginners a break with some hints.
Maybe if it’s correct except for a small ya yo yu tsu
… Or whatever…

That item does not up or down, instead you see it again an hour later… Then you’ll likely learn pretty fast with the exceptions of typos.

Maybe the crabigator shows up and says… Are you sure that’s not… Blah… Or even before you type out the whole thing… If you start to type out りよ a caution crabigator pops up… There would be some fun ways to implement this.

My hunch is that people get stuck on these in the lesson stage, so I’m not sure that altering the penalty is necessary. Just, for the 3 (I think that’s all there is) level 1 kanji that have ligatures, if they answer it incorrectly with the big character, have a little dialog pop up and say “Note that the ゆ is small in this word” or something, and link to the part of the guide that explains it.


Aye, exactly. Not a penalty, just a shake and an FYI.

Since your problem has already been addressed, note that the hiragana and katakana are collectively called kana, not kanji


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