How many reviews do I have to go through to start learning new radicals?

Hello. I find this site super helpful so far. However, I have a question/concern:

On the first day on this site, I learned 26 new radicals. Then I had reviews. This morning, I got done with my 4th review and I know these radicals quite fine now. But still, it’s queuing up a 5th review. I’m more than ready to start learning new radicals, but I don’t think I have that option yet. Please advise.

Thank you!

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When you first learn the new radicals, to open the kanji they need to go to guru. Once those kanji also become Guru you open the next radicals.
If you get them correct each time the spacing is normally like this:
Lesson, 4 hours, 8 hours, 23 hour, 47 hours - Now they are Guru and next items are opened =)

It is faster on the first two levels though. Someone might confirm the speed on the first two. It takes half the time total, but not sure if every items is halved or done differently.


Hi! Welcome to WaniKani :sparkles::crabigator::sparkles:

To expand on what Toyger already said:

If you look at the very top-left of your main WaniKani screen, there is a circle for ‘Lessons’. Is this displaying a number? If so, you’ve unlocked some new lessons, and can click on that button to access them.

If not, you probably need to do one more set of reviews. Again, take a look at your main screen. You can see how many items you have in Apprentice vs Guru, and also what % of your radicals have reached Guru, so if you don’t have any Guru items, it means you’re not quite there yet!

It would probably be a good idea to read the Guide and the FAQ if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


Fellow new user here, and I was getting impatient in the first few days of using it, but trust me, you will have stacks of 100 reviews a day and about 50+ lessons / week in no time (more literally once you hit level 2 after your first week/week and a half). It will go from boring and slow to challenging in the blink of an eye. Just make sure to do your reviews and lessons the instant they are available if you are trying to move quickly.

Another helpful thing to help you get more insight into your review schedule is this handy plugin:

It will give you a better idea of when large chunks of reviews will be available to you can plan to set time aside for them.


Hey kumi! You have a new thread to add to your list! (also, everyone handled this without a single bit of sarcasm. Is everyone here okay?)


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Ok, looks like new lessons appeared as soon as I got my first radicals to guru.

Thank you for advising

Thanks for letting us know it worked :slight_smile:

Have fun with the kanji!

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