[Userscript] Vocabulary for Dashboard Panel 1.1.5

Vocabulary for Dashboard Panel (v1.1.7)

[UPDATE 1.1.5]

  • API key rertieving
  • Pretty date format (thanks rfindley)
  • Sorting by review date
  •  Minor style changes
Now you can choose how many levels to show in const LEVELS_TO_RETRIEVE.
[WARNING] Numer of levels to retrieve tremendously increases loading time.
I like to look through my items before reviews so I’ve made this.
  • Last two levels’ Vocab that <Guru is shown under Radicals and Kanji
  • Popups with reading, translation and review time is available
  • Design is similar to Dashboard Progres Plus

Download: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/27038-vocabulary-for-wanikani
To Do List (I’m bad in programming so if you’re not let me know how to do it properly):

  • Save data in localstorage (it takes about 2sec to get answer from API)
  • Reduce amount of shitcoding
  • Option to hide vocab under dropdown
  • Your requests?
Contact me: eekone@rambler.ru

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Oh, so that’s what your mail-you-decided-not-to-write was about.

Looking at the answers before getting the questions is certainly a special kind of method ;p

Let me know if I can help with anything ^^

you made it for only level 13 / 14 ?!

MacOneill, please, open the script and find this line

 Change number starts with “78ee” with your API key you can find in WaniKani settings. Save script, reload page.

MacOneill said... you made it for only level 13 / 14 ?!
 The first item on the list of features basically says "displays current and previous level's vocab".
Since OP is level 14, the screenshot displays level 13 and 14.

If you input your own API key at the top of the script I'm guessing it'll display level 3 and 4 for you

Mempo, you don’t need to look though right before review, you know. But having all your stuff in one place, so you don’t have to search though different pages for your Vocab, is handy for me. It also shows me words I need to apply more attention.

Cool! I like it! I thought it was going to be under a drop down thingy like the radicals and kanji, but it’s ok. I will be strict with myself.

EskimoJo said... Cool! I like it! I thought it was going to be under a drop down thingy like the radicals and kanji, but it's ok. I will be strict with myself.
 I remove dropdowns with some script for myself, didn't even remember that there's such thing. Will do.
Do you guys have update notification on your scripts panel?

Hi @Eekone

Is there a way to show the vocab remaining for a specific level?

Due to abusing the shit out of the re-order script (hehe) I’m level 21 for Kanji but currently working through level 12 vocab, therefore it would be handy for this to show me just the vocab remaining from level 12.

Is that possible?

@Ashi2015, find this part in code

and add highlighted string with a level you want after for-cycle.

So I had this installed but one time I closed firefox and then it was just gone from my script list when I reopened it. Now I get this error whenever I try to redownload it http://puu.sh/uinwz/e074be6da0.png Any help?

Thanks @Eekone, works a charm :slight_smile:

I have a feature request also;
Can we get it so the script can show unlearned items as well (just as the radical and kanji dashboard sections do)?

It would be nice to see at a glance all of the items I have yet to do lessons for. I understand it could get a bit crowded if more than 1 level is shown.

@Catasplurge, match works well in all my browsers. Changed match with include, try to reinstall your script now. 
@Ashi2015, sorry, I woun’t do anything in terms of functionalilty until I refactor all the shitcoding. And right now I’m not into it.

No problem @Eekone. If my knowledge of JS went beyond the most basic of basics, I’d offer to help :smiley:

i loved this script but it looks like its not working anymore on my WK :confused:

@Kumirei made this: Wanikani: Dashboard Apprentice

All apprentice items appear on your dashboard.

I was just going to recommend that as well :sweat_smile:
I did use Vocabulary for Wanikani until I reached level 60, though, so I might revive this script some day if @Eekone doesn’t.

edit: My script also has this cool hover thing


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You gotta advertise your awesome scripts more :eyes:

I feels special when not many know about them

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I keep putting off making threads for the scripts I make in response to comments :eyes: I have been meaning to make a thread compiling all my scripts, too. Eventually. Maybe.


That would be like Jeepers Big Handbook :smiley:

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