[Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus

Yeah my Work blocks github (i have no idea why it does that) so a lot of things that link to it fail. :frowning:
It works at home and looks GREAT tho.
Thank you very very much for your work :slight_smile:

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HELP its broken :frowning:
i liked the old design

Fix is in progress.


Hello! I recently started noticing an issue (maybe it has to do with the changes to the design?). In the radical and kanji progress bars I used to have meanings and readings hidden, but now I can’t find how to change the setting again.
Edit:I found a script settings button in the drop down menu (recently added?), so my issue was solved!

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I like to keep the items anonymous, but I guess that one radical is so explosive that it can’t be contained!


It’s probably a vector-based radical. If I get some time today, I’ll check if there’s a quick fix. (There probably is).

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Hello, I just installed this and while it’s fine when in the settings Compact Mode is turned on, for some reason when I turn it off I can no longer scroll down the page… I am using Chrome and Windows 10

Thanks for the bug report! This turned out to be an Open Framework issue, and is now fixed.

:point_right: [Open Framework v1.0.47]

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@rfindley It looks like the script is broken by the new dashboard redesign. Have you had a chance to look into it?

No, I haven’t had time to look at it yet, and may not have time before the preview goes live.
Timeline was an easy fix, but this one will take more effort.


A little bit of progress on the Preview version…
Any feedback so far?

Implemented so far:

  • Sorting
  • 90% bracket (optional)


:point_right: [v3.0.0] - Update for new Wanikani dashboard

This new version of Dashboard Progress Plus (DPP) works ONLY on the new WK dashboard, which is scheduled to be rolled out later today.

  • If Wanikani has updated their dashboard, but your copy of DPP is still on v2.x, please update DPP.
  • If your copy of DPP has updated to v3.0, but Wanikani hasn’t updated their dashboard yet, you can temporarily downgrade DPP to v2.x until Wanikani’s update is rolled out.

So, what does this script basically bring to the table when we soon get a “native” more detailed dashboard? I think the description on greasyfork is still outdated.

It’s essentially the same info as the prior version of DPP:

  • A bracket around 90% of the kanji (optional)
  • Visual indication of locked items (more obvious than the new vanilla dashboard).
  • Sorting items by SRS progress.
  • Color by SRS level
  • Configurable pop-up info, including the following options:
    • Meaning
    • Reading
    • SRS Level
    • Date that the item ‘passed’ (i.e. reached Guru) or Burned (if you’re on a level that long)
    • Date of your next review
  • Ability to hide the radicals and kanji from the item tiles if you are worried about it interfering with the SRS.
  • Ability to hide items that you’ve already passed.


Yep, I just got burned by this. Took me a little bit to realize that the new dashboard wasn’t up yet and the problem was the script update. Worried me for a bit because this is one of my favorite scripts for keeping track of my status.

Btw, I notice with all your pics of the new behavior you use the square with status bar format of the new dash. Will the circles still be supported? I like them better, and I find the circle filling is easier to see at a glance than the dots, though that might just be that I’m used to that format rather than anything intrinsic to the design. TL;DR I fear change. Will the old way still work?

Thanks so much for the quick update! I had the same question as @sporadic, any chance you’d still support the circles? I do find them much easier to read and I think it’s not just that I’m used to them. :slight_smile:

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@sporadic @karaiz,

For now, I’m just doing the minimum work to keep the script running. When I’m ready to put in a bit more time, I may add the circles back in as an option depending on how much people have acclimated to the squares.


This. is. a. mess. What the heck? Kanji out of order, 90% bracket gone, impossible to tell which ones have been quizzed without studying the tiny bars underneath the squares. Can I revert to the earlier version without blowing something up?


Wanikani converted to a new Dashboard today. There’s a new version of this script to go along with the new dashboard, so be sure to update to the newest version (see a few posts above, or go to the link in the top post).

(Edit: though maybe you are using a different script based on this one, because mine doesn’t include Vocabulary)


Tampermonkey updated the script while I was eating dinner. That’s better!

The vocabulary is from another script.