Would be cool to know the progress on the vocab

I saw that there’s this nice extension that allows you to see how big of a streak you have on one item and how fast it will become guru, but I actually do not think that there is any extension that would allow to know the same about vocab words too. I know the do not actually mean much in terms of leveling up, but hey… Cut them some slack, they deserve it.

Maybe it would be a good idea to show this progress on vocabulary page or/and on level page.

It’s way at the bottom, and so pretty easy to miss, but each item (radicals, kanji, and vocabulary words alike) has a “next review in…” listing. Not as convenient as say, rFindley’s Dashboard Progress Plus script… but, at least it does exist.

Was this something like what you were looking for? Or were you hoping for something more like the Dashboard Progress Plus to include that level’s vocab in an extra dropdown?

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