Is there another way...?

There is also I tried it once and found WaniKanis interface just a little bit more user friendly (but I’ve seen people say the opposite) and I think that you can even bulk add the kanji you learned so far (google for a tutorial or blog post on how to use it). As far as I know it’s really the best alternative out there and gives you basically the same package, but for free. It doesn’t teach vocab, but for that you could use forum Anki decks or maybe Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary (in Torii there are even all the WK vocab included, so you can specifically choose them).
Edit: Usually those free services are hard to get accustomed to and especially Anki has made a name for itself in that regard. But if you watch one or two tutorials you know how to use everything and that little bit of extra “research” time is just the (relatively very) small price you have to pay. So don’t get discouraged when these programs are a bit frustrating in the beginning and try to see it through - if you do that, I think you will get by no problem without having to pay anything.

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