Other ways to learn Kanji?

I’m almost at Level 3 of WaniKani, and I actually really enjoy the way it’s set up, and I’ve been able to learn everything quite easily. However, I don’t think that I can pay for the rest of the levels (as much as I want to). Is there any other way to effectively learn Kanji?


Yes you can download an Anki set that can show you stroke order, meaning, etc. This is free. You can also get the Heisig book on learning kanji which is around $20 iirc

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There was a similar thread a few days ago:


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Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji (RTK) is an often recommended scource. It still does cost money (unless you find a free digital version) but it should be a lot cheaper than WaniKani

RTK will only teach you meanings though. You still have to learn readings. I have tried many systems and none of them work as well as WK for teaching both reading and meaning at the same time.

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The second Heisig’s book teaches you the readings.
There is one similar (free) website like WaniKani, that is also metioned in the other post: https://kanji.garden/

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