Free alternatives?

I apologize if my english isnt on point, english isnt my first.
Recently i got into vTubers and want to understand the japanese they are saying and i know its a long process that i’m willing to go through.
I found wanikani and liked its design very much but since i have a condition which doesnt let me work a job , so icant pay for the fee. Honestly its just depressing.
Thats why i like to ask if there are any free alternatives similar to wanikani.
It would help a ton.Thx


I have no idea if i am allowed to answer this question but will do anyways.
If you mean similar in design i don’t think there’s but if you mean content i have seen one time a wanikani deck in anki


Design wise rlly doesnt matter.
I have anki and have the wanikani deck importet but doesnt know how to set the difficulty.
I just get random kanjis that are to hard for me.
But thx anyways

If all you want is to understand VTubers, you don’t really have to go through the pain of learning kanji, and since you’re already listening to VTubers, all you really need to do is learn the basic grammar, and a lot of vocabulary.


Neko Mikuri, a JP > EN clip translator has some learning resources based off of clips he’s translated. It’s not exhaustive at all but may be helpful for getting started on your goals. Also a discord, so maybe you could ask for advice from him.

@crihak made this “Wanikani but it’s Anki” template. You’ll need to do some setting up but it’s here. It includes the template and a deck (Core 10k). You’ll obviously need Anki as well.

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Please, email Wanikani and explain your personal situation. In some cases they can offer a cheaper rate.


I might try that approach thank you

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Torii is a free SRS which lets you learn vocabulary. Since you don’t need to read kanji to listen to Japanese, it will be helpful. You will need to learn grammar as well.


those are alot of resources, i will gladly look into it thx alot

this is helpful wanikanis design is one of my favorites thx man

Never heard of Torii, i just looked at it and am hooked already thx dude

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