Is there an easy way to study mistakes?

i would like to study at risk items or items i got wrong there a way to study these? im on android and the addons I’ve tried dont work very well

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You could try to use Self Study + Additional Filters (both of which require the Open Framework). That would let you study items that you got wrong the last time you reviewed a given item (within a given time frame) and also leeches, which are items that you struggle with a lot. With that said, I have no idea how well those scripts would work on Android, but you can give it a shot.

There is tampermonkey for andriod, dont know how well it works. Especially with the self study which is not made for touch screen. I guess it wouldn’t hurt trying it.

I have iphone so no such thing, apple wouldn’t allow another app to start messing around with the web browser xD Even firefox for ios is really just a skin over safari framework.

I use the Iversen method.

Yeah, I was referring more to the UI aspects of the script. They might not fit onto a phone screen. :laughing:

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