Is there a website like WaniKani for Chinese?

Hey guys,
I’ve been using WaniKani for about a month and I love it, it makes learning really easy. My friend is learning Chinese and he was wondering if there was a website likes this for Chinese. Something with really memorable mnemonics and SRS. Thank you.


There isn’t a web app like it as far as I can tell, however, there is a “Remembering the Hanzi” by Heisig, which uses mnemonics and radicals in the same way as WaniKani. But it’s a book, and not an app, so you’d probably want to make Anki cards for studying it (or find a premade deck, there’s probably one on the internet) or something like that. It will also not teach you readings, or vocabulary, just the characters.

For vocab you could use, they have a Chinese Core 2000 course that comes in both simplified, and traditional versions (you could probably find this somewhere on the internet as an Anki shared deck, but I dunno about that). The best thing about iKnow is their example sentences with audio read aloud by native speakers. I personally use it for their Japanese Core 6000 course.


Thanks a lot! This is all very helpful information.:slight_smile:

1 Like is very similar, but has some limitations I find personally annoying that Wanikani has. No option to write your own definitions, no custom scripts, no “fuzzy” answers etc, but it’s still very good.

Ultimately, it led me to dive further into Anki which gives you so much more flexibility/customizability. Since characters have much more uses in Chinese than in Japanese, it’s a bit more difficult to do flash cards.

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I’d say it’s closer to Lingodeer than Wanikani. Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything for Mandarin or Cantonese that’s like WK where they just teach you radicals and 漢字 or 汉字 as the case may be. I really wish there was.


From reading the overall description of Ninchanese it sounds a little bit like Like how it’s gameified and has a built in dictionary. From reading the description I think it sounds great but I agree it would be nice if we had something like Wanikani for Chinese.

Would love a WK-like site to help me learn canto (spoken & written) characters!! :weary: :weary:

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