WaniKani but for other languages?

Are there any services like WaniKani but for other languages? I know Anki is a thing, but are there any dedicated services? (Not Duolingo, I’m willing to use that, but I want to try other options first.)

I just wonder, for which other language aside from Japanese could a Wanikani be made? Mandarin is an obvious one (and I’d actually love if that existed), and then maybe Korean for the like, 200 Hanja, but other than that I can’t really think of a language with a writing system that would best be taught by a Wanikani-like app. I heard the Thai writing system is really complex, but the difficulty doesn’t seem to be because of the amount of characters. So which language are you thinking of?


What other languages? And by a website like WK do you mean an SRS site dedicated to a specific language? Because I don’t think a morpheme website (closest equivalent I can think of) would work as well unless you’re talking about a hanzi website for Mandarin, Cantonese, etc

I don’t know of anything else like Wanikani myself (other than Anki/Kitsun but like you said those aren’t language-specific) but maybe clarifying which language(s) would help people rec resources for you


Aside from Japanese and Chinese I don’t think there are any languages with a voluminous enough script to need a service like this. A system like this would be nice for any language with a non-Roman alphabet, but given how quickly most people would learn the alphabets I don’t see how those services would remain profitable. It would have to be a tool for multiple languages.


I posted the same thing some years ago for Mandarin and have been looking for something ever since. So far I haven’t found anything close.



I am actually currently learning Mandarin as I am half chinese and trying to get back to my roots! :slight_smile: I’m using it together with wanikani since I love to learn japanese since i love anime :slight_smile:

I actually came here from Pandanese which is basically a mandarin version of WaniKani, it uses mnemonics and SRS as well. I find them both very similar albeit some differences but I have been enjoying both so far and it has actually been supplementing each other since some radicals and explanations are very similar :slight_smile: Give it a try!


How good is 日本語 for understanding 中国? I know you couldn’t pronounce or write in it, but could you at least scan a piece of text and have an idea of what it was about if you knew all the 漢字?

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Hello! For me, there are are a lot of characters that are similar! Especially with the numbers, they have similarities in structure. Pronouncing words sometimes sounds alike too. In a sense, yes! Since I am more familiar with Mandarin, now that I am learning Japanese, seeing subtitles or hearing the words - I can associate it with each other.

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