Is there a way to erase this review wall?

Hi, i have been using wanikani almost daily until around the last days of december, in those last days i had to do a test that only happens every year so i stopped using wanikani for a week to study.
Because of that i had like 400 hundred reviews wich i couldn’t handle and the following days i did just a few reviews because the number just doesn’t lower killing my motivation, today i have been 25-26 days in the same lvl without doing any lessons with around 1000 reviews to do,question is, is there a way , a script or something to fail all 1000 reviews??, i don’t mind failing those on enlightment because i will probably keep using wanikani for a year or two, but that wall is just keeping me away from study and i don´’t feel like i’am learning at all.

P.D.: if i burned your eyes with my grammar am sorry , i am already bad at grammar on spanish wich is my native language

Resumen: i have a thousand reviews and i want to fail all of them to start learning again.


I am not aware of a script that makes all of the reviews fail, but I think there are better methods than that :slight_smile:
Here’s one of them:

You can use the Ultimate Reorder script which allows you to order your reviews by level. This way, you can do the reviews of the lowest levels first which has two benefits: you probably know these items the best (which is probably good for your motivation), and they will probably be in the highest levels, that means they will keep out of sight for quite a while :wink: (Because tbh if you could use a script to fail all your items, you would get a big percentage of them back the next day, so nothing gained really…)

You could first tackle the, say, lowest 5 levels, until all reviews in these levels are cleared. And if you want you can keep doing that for a few days, until the load in those levels gets manageable. Then you might approach the next three or four levels and slowly work your way up until you have reviewed all of them.
Granted, that might take you a week or three, but I think you will get more out of it than failing all items and - bam! - getting them back the next day :upside_down_face:

BTW of course a friend told me about that method. I have never been in a situation with 1000+ reviews, I swear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you want the reviews to go away and not come right back you need a reset a few levels down. This will lower your current level and you resume learning from that level. Reviews above your reset level will be gone until you learn your way back to this level.

Reset is a brutal solution and you need to think carefully about which level to reset. @NicoleRauch proposal of a reorder script is probably a better solution. But if this doesn’t work for you reset might be the way to go.

The Item Inspector script has a nice feature for planning a reset. It goes like this.

  • Install Item Inspector.
  • Select the Leech table. This will list on the dashboard the items that give you trouble in reviews.
  • Select the “Leech by Level Report”. When the Leech table is selected this will display a summary of how many leeches you have in each level.

With this information you will know which level your trouble items are. You can tell at which level it is worth resetting and which do not cause trouble.


Failing all reviews at once means a super large batch that will just come back as several large batches (per progress stage!) in the coming weeks. Apart from reordering your way through the stack or resetting a couple of levels, option 3 is to just grind it out.

How many reviews a day did you do before the break? With 400 amassing in a week, I’d guess about 100 per day. If you resume doing 100 reviews per day (ignore the total size of the stack) in more or less the same routine you had previously, it will take about 4 weeks without lessons to get through the stack, but after that the massive return batches should not appear.
Alternatively you could go for 200 reviews a day (doubling your pre-break routine), knowing that those batches will also come back in larger blocks later on. That will probably reduce the time needed to clear the backlog to about 3 weeks.


thanks you all alot, i will probably use @NicoleRauch Ultimate Reorder script
because reseting level probably doesn’t work how i think it works, with that script i won’t have to reset every time because typos. again thanks for your time

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Keep us posted how it worked out!

Resetting is not something you do on items and it is not something you do because you fail reviews. It is something you do to your level and once it is done you shouldn’t do it again. You basically instruct Wanikani “From now on I want to be level 10” and Wanikani obliges. Your next lessons will be level 10 until you level up to level 11, then you take lessons for level 11 etc. The point of doing this is all your reviews from levels above 10 will go away and your stack of 1000 instantly becomes smaller.

There is a place in the Wanikani settings called the Danger Zone where you go to reset. You don’t do that from the review screen.


Flaming Durtles has own reordering mode with “Overdue first” that seems to reorder the cards in proportional criticality order so that enlightened cards can be more due than apprentices and you initially review your apprentices, but might get some enlightened car thrown into the mix if it is already weeks over due.

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